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There is a lot of violence going on in the world and it's important to be prepared. Truth is, anyone, anywhere, can be a victim of a violent attack.

Now, you can continue to live your life and hope that you will never be attacked. Or you could take responsibility for your own safety, and do something about it.

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Protect your loved ones: In a life-threatening situation, where you have to worry about someone other than yourself, a single mistake can worsen the situation or even get you killed! If you are ever in lethal danger, our self defense lessons can help you save yourself and those you care about. 

Videos ($97 each)

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Fight to Survive: When you do have to fight to survive, you need to know how. There are strategies taught out there that can get you killed. There are moves attackers use, that you will need to defend against. We'll teach you how to defend yourself against anyone; anytime; anywhere!

Fact: You can avoid 90% of dangerous situations just by being more aware of your surroundings. This video will teach you how to detect and react to possible dangers before you walk into them.
Most attackers can be talked down from fighting you. Learn the words and the body language required to walk away from what could be a lethal encounter – or buy you enough time to strike first and survive.
You can't make the most of offense or defense with a poor fighting stance. This video will show you the most effective fighting stances that work in the street – and how to master them.
In a confrontation, it's essential to remember how and when to move. Proper footwork is required for solid offense and defense. Learn proper grounding and positioning tactics to avoid being knocked down – it's critical to stay safe!
There is more to striking than just making a fist. This video will teach you how to maximize speed and precision, hit hard without hurting your hands, and instantly go from a powerful strike to another!
Most attackers in the street use similar attacks and patterns. Learn and practice the counters to each, and an attack will no longer shock you! This video contains life-saving information. Act now!
If you end up on the ground in a street fight, you highly increase your chances of getting injured. Use the advice from this video to fight back from the ground and quickly regain your fighting stance.
Larger attackers are extremely imposing and dangerous because of their size and strength. This video will teach you the best ways to defend against much bigger and taller opponents.
Most lethal attacks are committed by knife attackers. Unless you are trained to protect yourself, you can get badly injured or killed in a knife attack. If you really want to stay safe, don't miss out on learning knife defense!
In a street fight, you have to be concerned of having more than one dangerous person attack you. You MUST WATCH this video – It will teach you how to handle two or more attackers at once in a realistic, and effective, way!
A belt, a chair, your car keys – anything can be used as a weapon in a street fight, if you know how to use it. Apply the lessons from this video, and you'll never feel defenseless in a life threatening situation again!
Fighting an armed attacker is a lot tougher, even if all he has is a screwdriver or any other weapon. Learn strategies to trap and disarm opponents, no matter what they swing at you; a bat, a crow bar, a hammer, an axe; you name it!
A stick in skilled hands can do a lot of damage! You can use it to strike, trap, block, deflect attacks, and fight multiple assailants – if you know how to use it. And after watching this video, you will!

Video 14 - Gun Defense ($97)

Surprisingly, even at gunpoint, you're not helpless. This video will give you life-saving tips on how to protect yourself from an armed and dangerous attacker including how to draw him in to remove his weapon.
Discover how real criminals think and operate. A live interview with 2 criminals that make his as a living. Learn how they stalk their victims, how they plan their attack and how victims react when they are robbed.

We created this course for you!

Nick Drossos and Patrick Viana have joined their efforts to bring you the most realistic self-defense videos possible for you to learn how to protect yourself.

Their combined experience in the self-defense and security industry makes a perfect fit to teach you all there is to your personal safety.

The system created, named Code Red Defense has revolutionized the industry of self-defense.

In total, 15 life-saving videos have been created to help you learn self-defense in the comfort of your home.

This knowledge can save your life one day!

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True self-defense begins by keeping out of trouble. We will teach you to listen to your gut instinct and spot danger as early as possible. You will learn to avoid or talk your way out of 90% of potential fights and fight back if needed. 


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