Stick fighting for self defense

Street Thugs NEVER Fight Fair.
it's Time to Turn Things Around...

This is powerful stuff

Looking for a great equalizer against a criminal?

Some criminals out there are ruthless. They don't care if they injure you or leave you dead on the floor.

This is why you need to prepare to face extreme danger.

Some people like the be armed with weapons such as a handgun or a knife for protection.

These are good choices of weapons for self-defense, but they are also extremely lethal.

Meaning, you could easily kill someone by using such lethal weapons.

We like to use a powerful self defense tool, but which is much less lethal.

It's a stick designed for fighting.

It's a stick that you can use to protect yourself from a dangerous thug.

You can keep a stick in your car, under your bed, in your office, or anywhere you think it might be useful in case of need.

Please don't underestimate the power of a self-defense stick... Because it can do A LOT of damage.

A stick used for self-defense in the way that we show it, can help you survive a violent encounter.

> Learn to protect yourself with a self-defense stick

To protect yourself from a life-threatening situation, you have weapon choices at your disposal.

But what if you could get a weapon that is much easier to own legally, needs no maintenance whatsoever, but is very effective against both armed and unarmed attackers?

This is what a Kali Stick can do.

It's a piece of hard wood that can help you thrash your attackers and knock them around like nobody's business!

If you know how to fight with it properly, that is.

In the Stick Fighting Self-Defense video, we teach you the basics of stick fighting, and the many uses of this simple and super-effective weapon in the street.

Above all, you'll learn to stun an attacker with powerful blows to the head, arms, legs, solar plexus and other sensitive places.

We will also show you how to use it for traps, choke holds and even neck cranks.

That is powerful stuff right there.

Moreover, you'll learn how to use the stick for keeping multiple attackers at a safe distance – out of range of their fists and weapons, but well within reach of your own weapon!

Stick fighting is excellent for when carrying a gun or a knife feels like too much, but you'd still rather not come up against any attackers bare-handed.

Just try it, and you will realize how effective such a simple Kali Stick can be!

Order your copy of "Stick Fighting" video today... Get ready for some action!

This self-defense video is available for download.

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