striking fundamentals for self-Defense

If Attacked, Not Knowing "When, Where and How to Strike" is like Being Blindfolded in a Dark Room

proper striking is a must

Are you confident about your striking power and
self-defense options when it comes to fighting back?

Can you throw a powerful strike/punch to save your life?

Or, better yet, can you throw a powerful strike and walk away without a hand injury?

It's "ok" – most people can't. But in this video, we'll show you how.

You will learn how to hit with an open hand correctly, to do just as much (if not more) damage to an attacker as you would by striking with a closed fist.

We will show you how to maximize power behind each strike.

Besides, those knees and elbows you have must be good for something, right?

The "Striking Fundamentals" video will demonstrate how you can take advantage of these hard, small and incredibly tough striking surfaces to hurt your attacker badly.

And in case you were wondering how to use your head in more than one way, we will teach you the proper headbutting techniques – a one-hit finisher, when used correctly!

To top it off, you'll learn the most effective and simple strikes to use against a dangerous opponent, some of which, like a solid palm strike under the field of vision, can finish the altercation before it has a chance to start.

Be careful though... Not all strikes are equal, they need to be set up and launched correctly to work in a street fight.

No matter your age of fitness level, your body is a weapon on its own.

It's a weapon that nobody can take away.

If you take the time to master the techniques in this self-defense video, you will feel much safer at all times.

And that is priceless!

The information contained in this video could save your life one day.

It's always better to have these tools and not need them, then need them and not have them.

Truth is, you never know how, when and where you will be attacked...

So, go ahead and take action today by ordering the "Striking Fundamentals" video.

Be prepared and ready to strike back at all times, from any position you might be in.

Watching this video will give you all the best striking options to stop an attacker cold in his feet.

With these strikes in your arsenal, nobody will be messing with you anytime soon!

You've got to take action though... because you need to find out what these strikes are all about!

This self-defense video is available for download, right here right now.  

Order your copy of "Striking Fundamentals" and learn how to live a safer life in these dangerous times.

striking for self defense is powerful stuff

This video will help you...

Learn how to finish a fight in SECONDS!
Discover powerful self-defense strikes that can be used to YOUR advantage.
Get expert advice on how to deliver proper strikes so that if you decide to fight back against an attacker, you go all in with effective blows! 

Learn all the best ways to avoid fighting

Striking for Self-Defense
Video length: 1 hour and 28 min of street fighting tips!
Exclusive self defense online training to keep you safe.
Powerful striking fundamentals tips for self defense.
[Instant download] get an MP4 video file that can be kept forever.


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