Self-defense against weapons

Being Faced by a Crazy Person Holding a Hammer, a Crowbar or an Axe will Put Your Life into Perspective

preapre for these brutal attacks

violent people often use weapons to attack

Imagine a scenario where you're driving your car and then, you accidently cut off another driver.

The driver is pissed at you and gets out of his car with a baseball bat!

He's coming straight at you... looking very aggressive!

What would be your first reaction?

What would you do next?

It's a really scary situation to be in.

From one second your life is all good, and the next thing you know, you need to defend yourself against a threatening and violent individual.

These are the type of self defense scenarios we train for at Code Red Defense.

This is why we created a powerful instructional video on how to defend yourself against an attacker armed with a dangerous weapon.

You can purchase the "Weapon Defense" video and start learning today.

Here's an important tip...

You should always assume that an attacker is armed, even if they come at you empty handed.

They could always pull out a screwdriver, a hammer, even an axe (from their car), or pick something up from the ground to use it against you.

If that happens, even a single opponent will become much harder to defend against, no matter what they have in their hand – a wrench, crowbar or an iron baseball bat.

Your strategy will always be the same – get out of the way of the swinging weapon, find an opening and move in to trap and disarm.

Just as with knife defense, the longer you try to dodge, the more likely you are to be hit.

Your best tactic is to immobilize the attacker as fast as you can, taking away his opportunity to use the weapon.

The "Weapon Defense" video will prepare you for a variety of scenarios with armed opponents.

Take extra care when practicing the drills on your own – at this speed and intensity, you can easily get severely injured if you aren't careful.

On the plus side, these effective self defense drills will prepare you for a real-life encounter with an armed attacker better than anything else you can find.

Nowadays, attackers are more and more dangerous and they use any kind of weapons to attack their victims!

Don't be that victim… BE PREPARED!

The important thing is to watch the video and train like you mean it – so dive in!

This self-defense video is available for download.

Order your copy of "Weapon Defense" and learn how to live a safer life in these dangerous times.

defend yourself against the most common weapons

This video will help you...

Protect yourself against all sorts of dangerous weapons such as a hammer, a crow bar, baseball bat, broken beer bottle, an iron golf club and more!
Discover unique strategies that you can use to protect yourself from being hit by these dangerous weapons and how to fight back.
Learn from dynamic self-defense scenarios involving the most common weapons used by criminals during brutal attacks.

self-defense on this topic are very rare...
Take advantage of this powerful knowledge. 

Weapon Defense - Self Defense
Video length: 1 hour and 27 min of weapon defense tactics!
Exclusive tactics to keep you safe from deranged individuals who are using weapons against you.
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