improvised weapons for self defense

Facing your Attacker with an Improvised Weapon will Completely Change the Outcome of a Fight - To Your Advantage

you need an equilizer in a fight

Want to know a secret tactic that can save you?

Not many self-defense systems teach this stuff, but we like to train on using an equalizer against attackers.

Think about it for a second...

Someone wants to hurt you and possibly take your life away.

So, why wouldn't you do anything in your power to stop it from happening?

You should fight back... and you should by using an equalizer.

It's called an Improvised Weapon.

It's something in your environment that you pick up quickly to fend off an attacker.

Now, it can be anything such as a broom stick or a pen.

That is a secret self-defense tactic that you can use to your advantage against a violent opponent.

In the street, an attacker will never fight fair – so you don't have to, either!  

We've put together a video that you will never forget.

If you watch this Improvised Weapons video, you will change for ever the way you look at things lying around in your environment.

You'll "see" and "find" self-defense tools all around you.

Furthermore, this video will teach you how to tip the odds in your favor and survive the encounter by using non-conventional weapons.

You'll never have to face an attacker, or attackers, unarmed ever again.

Anything you have around you, or on you, can be turned into a weapon.

A chair, an umbrella, a belt, a bundle of keys – anything goes, as long as it can hurt your opponent and keep you safe.

You will learn how to make surprise attacks with your improvised weapons:

- use them for defense against knives and other weapons

- keep multiple opponents at range

- go for maximum shock and pain to make the attackers back off

- and much more!

Fighting in the street is not about ego, or fairness, or even winning – it's about surviving.

As long as you are the one standing at the end, or the one escaping with your body intact, you've accomplished your goal.

Improvised weapons give you an edge you can't afford to ignore!

Nothing is off limits, as long as it helps you defeat your attackers.

Improvised weapons help a lot – and this self-defense video will teach you how to make the most of them.

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This is one of the "missing pieces" of all the martial arts tutorials out there.

You and I both know that Martials Arts are NOT the answer to your personal protection goals.

Instead, we focus on showing you what really works in the streets against hardcore criminals.

This Code Red Defense tutorial gives you many additional options to add in your self defense arsenal!

The video is available for purchase right here on this page.

Order your copy of "Improvised Weapons" and learn how to live a safer life in these dangerous times.

the self-defense tips in this video can change your life

This video will help you...

All you need to know about using Improvised Weapons to protect yourself against violent criminals.
Discover powerful tactics and strategies to survive any street fight.
See real-life scenarios about using Improvised weapons to protect yourself in dangerous situations.

Learn to fight back by using objects around you

Improvised Weapons Self-Defense
Video length: 1 hour and 25 min of extremely useful self-defense tips!
Powerful tutorial on how to use Improvised Weapons for your safety. 
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