Learn to defend yourself with Code Red Defense

A Sneak Peek of What to Expect in the Code Red Defense Videos

A new approach to self-defense If you’re tired of learning from outdated martial arts approach that are not effective listen up. We’re here to help you learn to defend yourself with Code Red Defense. That said, Code Red Defense is taking a new approach when it comes to self defense videos. You won’t see anything …

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headlock exercise

Self Defense Exercise against a Headlock

The headlock; one of the most common holds in the streets One of the popular techniques used by street fighters is the headlock. That said, to be able to defend yourself from a headlock, is like anything else in life, it needs to be practiced. So, go ahead and discover a useful self defense exercise against a …

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knife defense tips

Important Knife Defense Tips

Always be prepared to face a knife attacker Knife attacks are very dangerous. You never know how the situation will turn out so you always need to be extremely alert and aware of your opponent. With that said, here are important knife defense tips to be aware of. Although knife attacks are dangerous on their …

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don't underestimate your opponent

Why You Should Never Underestimate Your Opponent

Self defense tips to assess an attacker The worst thing you can do during a fight is underestimating your attacker. It’s not something that is talked about often, but here’s why yo should never underestimate your opponent. This is definitely the number one mistake that a lot of people do. And it’s normal. It’s our …

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ground fighting self defense

Ground Fighting Tips Against a Larger Attacker

Self defense tips for the ground Here’s an important statement about self-defense. Make sure you’re reading it attentively. One of the last things you want to happen during a fight is ending up on the ground. Furthermore, here are ground fighting tips against a larger attacker. By hitting the ground, you’ll give your attacker the …

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self defense improvised weapon tips

How to Use Your Jacket as an Improvised Weapon

Self defense tips using improvised weapons There are many items you can use as an improvised weapon during a fight. One we don’t often think about is our clothes. Consequently, let’s see how to use your jacket as an improvised weapon. While it may not be the obvious choice, your jacket can be an excellent …

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