inside the criminal mind

Learn how criminals think and operate before and during robbing their victims

unique intreview with real street criminals

the information laid out in this video is priceless

This video was originally not supposed to be released to the public...

But, because of the life-saving information contained in this video, it had to be released so that you could benefit from it.

We interviewed two criminals to see how they stalk their victims before committing a robbery.

The questions are direct and the answers are raw.

There is no fluffing around in this interview... We were looking for answers and we got them.

We wanted to know how criminals prepare and organize their crimes and how they proceed when they're about to rob a victim.

Some answers were quite surprising to say the least.

With these answers in mind, you'll know what to look for and pay attention to next time you're outside walking on the streets.

Moreover, the video "Inside the Criminal Mind" does not only cover street muggings, but it also covers how 2 criminals operate for home invasions.

Knowing this information is life changing and can certainly help you be better prepared to face danger in your home.

The reality is that if you don't prepare to face danger in advance, you'll be caught completely off guard if ever you're attacked.

It's crucial to be prepared and have plans in place for home invasions.

When you know how criminals operate and what they look for, you can better counter their plans if they show up.

With that powerful knowledge in hand, you're going to take your self-defense preparedness more seriously and it will make a huge difference in your favor.

Don't be like all these victims we see on the news each day who are unprepared victims of crime muggings and home invasions.

Sadly, to many people are unprepared to face a violent robbery.

At Code Red Defense, we got you covered with all the self defense instructional videos available at a click of a few buttons.

These videos combined with your knowledge of how criminals target their victims, will prepare you for most unexpected situations.

Know, that is powerful stuff for your personal protection!

Not many people have this knowledge in the world.

Most importantly, YOU can be part of a unique self defense strategy that can make you live a safer life.

So, go head and or order your copy of "Inside the Criminal Mind" and watch the interview of 2 criminals to know how they rob people, stalk their preys, as well as how they attack their victims.

Needless to say, it's an awesome opportunity to learn what's inside the minds of criminals.

It's a very special video created by Code Red Defense and it's available today for download.

In fact, it was never released to the general public as a single video, so take action today while it's available.

It's a must watch video for your personal safety!

Order your copy of "Inside the Criminal Mind" and learn how to live a safer life in these dangerous times.

knowing is already half the battle

This video will help you...

Know how muggers stalk their victims prior to robbing them. This information alone could save you from being robbed.
See what's really out there in terms of criminal activities... That way you'll be able to prepare in advance. 
Learn how dangerous and ruthless criminals can be when confronting their victims. That edge, will give you a tactical advantage. Information is power, and with that in mind, you'll be much more aware and prepared.

Learn how robbers target their victims

Code Red Defense
Video length: 56 min of powerful information on how criminals operate.
Exclusive interview with 2 muggers and home invaders.
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