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Warning: The videos you're about to see are so realistic, that you won't believe how different they are from the other martial art videos out there. Almost all martial art training online are filmed in a "slow motion" manner, with attackers who are barely moving. Well, this is completely different as you can see for yourself right here:

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Self-Defense Tips: Truth is, you never know when you'll be the target of a criminal. You can be at home watching TV or reading a book and someone breaks into your home. You need to be quick with your reactions and fight off the attacker(s).

Since we do not choose when or where we can be attacked, it's much preferred to be ready in advance and learn how to protect our own life. Because, no one can better protect your life than yourself.

Don't make the huge mistake to solely rely on the Police or your handgun to protect yourself. You need to understand how to fight a dangerous individual with your bare hands.

This is critical to your personal safety.

For that reason, we created 15 official self-defense videos to protect yourself effectively.

Code Red Defense

Learning self defense is one of the most important and rewarding training you can do for yourself.

When you train for self defense, you not only enhance your personal safety, but you also build massive confidence!

This is why Nick Drossos and Patrick Viana created a complete self-defense program that is available to watch from the comfort of your home.

A total of 15 complete instructional videos have been carefully crafted for you.

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