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Code Red Defense self defense videos

CodeRedDefense videos

Protect Yourself and your Loved Ones - Stop Living in Fear!

Almost 500 000 homicides and 3 million assaults happen in the world every year. Anyone, anywhere, can be a victim of a violent attack. Now, you can continue to live your life and hope that you will never be attacked. Or you could take responsibility for your own safety, and do something about it. You are on this website, which means you are on the right track. Nobody can protect you and your loved ones better than you. And we will give you all the tools you need - Knowledge is Power!

Stay Safe

True self-defense begins by keeping out of trouble. We will teach you to listen to your gut instinct and spot danger as early as possible. You will learn to avoid or talk your way out of 90% of potential fights without throwing a single punch!

Fight to Survive

When you do have to fight to survive, you need to know how. There are strategies taught out there that can get you killed. There are moves attackers use, that you will need to defend against. We'll teach you how to defend yourself against anyone; anytime; anywhere!

Protect Your Loved Ones

In a life threatening situation, where you have to worry about someone other than yourself, a single mistake can worsen the situation or even get you killed! If you are ever in lethal danger, our self defense lessons can help you save yourself and those you care about.

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