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Having Solid Footwork Skills is the Difference Between you Surviving a Fight or Getting Stomped on the Head!

footwork is essential

In a street fight, it's crucial to move accordingly

It's easy to move in the ring, on a stable surface and clearly defined space, against a single opponent.

In the street however, it's completely different.

A misstep, a stumble, a wrong turn of your body – the smallest mistake can mean getting hurt badly, or killed.

Especially if you have more than one attacker to watch out for!

One person getting in from the side, or from behind, can make things much worse for you in a life-threatening situation.

This is why stability and mobility are incredibly important in the streets.

The way you place your feet determines how hard you hit, how easy it is to knock you off balance, to outmaneuver you.

That's why you need to learn to move before learning to strike.

This video is all about footwork – how to move in the most efficient way possible and use every square foot of available space to your advantage.

You will also learn how to keep track of multiple opponents.

And not only that – we will show you how to use their movement against them, and make sure that they can't easily attack you all at once.

This is your secret weapon to control the situation to your advantage.

You will learn to position yourself strategically for each part of the altercation.

Once you master keeping yourself balanced and keeping all attackers in your field of vision at all times – then you can learn to strike.

Do it any other way, and you won't get a chance to throw a solid strike.

Develop effective footwork self-defense skills and you will be able to face adversity in this dangerous world.

This video is available for download.

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