What Do You Know About Prison Life?

Are you prepared to fight a violent criminal?

Fighting someone is already challenging enough. But what about fighting a hardcore criminal who has nothing to lose. So, what do you know about prison life?

America’s prison population is swelling out of control. Instead of keeping law-abiding citizens safe, these facilities effectively become a training ground for career criminals, who are then released back into society.

This means that every time you’re faced with an attacker in the street, he might be a person who engages in violence for a living, on a daily basis. How do you defend from someone like that?

Like most people, you are probably learning self-defense for a very practical reason – to have the means of protecting your life and possessions from criminals; a worthwhile goal, no doubt.

Seeing as you might have to deal with such people in the future, I’d like invite you to take a closer look at their lives. Of course, there’s no need to go to prison for it!

Just choose a good source material.

The “Lockup” documentary (Ad) is probably the best documentaries about life of inmates that I’ve seen. It avoids unnecessary dramatization but maintains a very engaging and detailed approach to its portrayals of prison.

This series is a unique sampling of experiences and facts about all of the major prison facilities in the US. For any self-defense student, it would be a curious show to watch.

It is an intriguing and sometimes horrifying journey into the nightmarish environments of penitentiaries and the delinquent minds that inhabit them.

“Lockup: Raw” is a fascinating, frightening look at the worst of humanity

When you watch it, you will see why I always recommend to de-escalate the conflict. It’s best to diffuse the situation and give a criminal what they want. Fighting any of those guys would be a nightmare.

But to have any edge at all against a hardened criminal in the street, you need to know what they are capable of, how they think, how they behave.

And “Lockup” is a great way to find out all this. It’s as unsettling as it is educational.

This show comes highly recommended, it shows the reality of prison life and the workings of a criminal mind very well, and you should definitely watch it.

In a way, it is a study in criminal psychology interpreted through the lens of prison reality.

Interested yet? Watch at least some episodes of the program, I promise it will challenge at least some of your preconceptions.

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Stay safe,

Patrick Viana

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