Why is Awareness so Important for Self-Defense?

Did you know that awareness is the key stone of self-defense? Yes, it might surprise you to hear that statement, but awareness and avoidance are what can save your life in many different dangerous situations.

If you are walking down the streets and you’re completely oblivious of your environment and not paying attention to your surroundings, you’re putting your own self in eminent danger.

Not paying attention to the people around you when you are in a public place, when you’re leaving work, when you are in a subway train, when you’re walking alone at night, when you’re travelling in a foreign country, when you’re going to withdraw money at the ATM, etc. is a behaviour that should be changed.

These ones, are only some of the potentially dangerous places where you can be attacked at any moment of the day if you’re not paying attention to who is around you.

The people who are not alert of their surroundings, are most often the ones who get robbed at knife point or gun point in the streets.

Let’s put it this way, if you’re not aware and don’t know how to recognize possible threats, you are just a sitting duck waiting to get chosen by the next criminal!

Sadly, most people think that a good way to protect yourself from being attacked is to take martial arts classes or carry a gun.

Taking Martials arts classes is a belief throughout the general public that it will be helpful for your personal safety. Unfortunately, most martial arts instructors do not teach the pre-cues of a fight and almost never get into awareness and avoidance tutorials.

That is a big flaw from martial arts systems, to not incorporate awareness guidance principles and exercises into their training sessions. If you’re looking to learn a self defense system that will make you a hard target for criminals, it needs to teach advanced awareness principles.

If it doesn’t’ teach awareness and avoidance principles, stay away from that school.

Concerning arming yourself with a firearm, it can indeed be a great advantage. But how useful is carrying a weapon, if you constantly place yourself in dangerous situations and cannot asses that potential danger is lurking around you?

Furthermore, how good is carrying a handgun, when a person cannot resist to walk away from a heated argument or a road rage incident?

I believe that the best way to avoid getting injured or killed in a street attack or robbery is to learn how to de-escalate difficult situations and learn how to avoid a potential attack by using special safety tips and tricks.

The good news in all of this, is that learning how to avoid fights and limiting the chances of being chosen as the “next victim” by criminals or street thugs can be achieved with the right training.

There are special self defense awareness drills and exercises that can be performed to enhance your personal safety. There are also crucial safety tips and tricks that can be learned, to effectively avoid fighting an aggressive person.

Learning awareness and avoidance, should be one of your TOP priorities when it comes to personal protection.

Don’t neglect this part… It’s really a must for your personal safety.

==> Start your self-defense awareness training today

Stay safe and keep training hard.

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