What If the Police Are Late?

Today I have a somewhat disturbing video for you.

It’s a recording of a 911 call made by a woman who survived a break-in and a violent attack from a stalker.

Do you know how?

==> She Had a Gun – and the Guts to Use It!

When this woman realized a guy was breaking into the house, she did the responsible thing and called the police.

But when they didn’t arrive in time and the criminal tried to strangle her, this brave lady did what she had to and shot him for good.

This is a Case for Responsible Gun Ownership:

Use of firearms for self-defense is always a hot topic, there are multiple arguments both for and against it that are compelling and rational.

We think that a weapon in the hands of a responsible individual with enough skill to wield it properly is an effective tool of self-defense.

To prove our point, here is the recording of a 911 call made during a home invasion, when a man assaulted and tried to strangle a woman he had previously been stalking.

Police Didn’t Stop Him. Bullets Did.

The woman in the recording was out of options and escape routes, so she used a gun to protect herself.

If she hadn’t, she would most likely have been dead by the time the police arrived.

Guns are not inherently good or bad, it’s how people use them. An obvious point, yet people so often forget it.

There is nothing wrong with owning a firearm, as long as it is used only in self-defense, and with basic skill and expertise.

In other words, responsibly; if you can do that, more power to you. It may save your life one day.

There is a very important lesson we should learn from this incident, although there is a huge and powerful system in place to safeguard our lives and property, we are still responsible for protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

You see, oftentimes, there won’t be anyone else to do it for you.



Stay safe,


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