This Is Why Surveillance Cameras Can Sometimes be Useless

An “almost” genius robber

We are often told that surveillance cameras in the streets and inside buildings are there to protect us, but is it really as useful as law enforcement and government make it out to be? In fact, see why surveillance cameras can sometimes be useless.

A robber uses a sophisticated mask to rob banks and getting away with the crime for a period of time, until he did get caught.

However, when you encounter cases like the one described in the video clip below, you can’t help but wonder, is CCTV all that useful?

The robber tricked cameras easily!

The man who robbed the bank was not captured thanks to surveillance identification. He used a special effects mask and couldn’t be identified!

Fortunately, the police discarded the false trail and traced him to his motel room instead. Glady, they found enough clues to solve the case.

The robber can still get a reward for creativity

Sometimes, I can’t help admiring the scope of creativity that some criminals display when carrying out their unlawful acts.

To pull off some of those tricks, one probably has to be a mad genius of some sort!

In fact, he almost tricked the Police with a super realistic mask.

I am thrilled both with the robber’s ingenuity and the diligence of the police. They were quick to see through the trick and bring the criminal to justice.

Needless to say, he didn’t look anything like the hooded black man we saw on the camera surveillance footage!

“When in doubt, come back to basics and reexamine what you know”, seems that this simple rule works both in life and in policing.

Always rely on your good judgment, just like those officers did!

So, what is the self-defense lesson we all should take away from the video?

Don’t rely on what you truly see in front of you. Be aware of your surroundings and examine who is around you when you’re out in public.

Furthermore, if you are a victim or witness to a crime or its victim, be sure to remember as much details as you can.

Just as seen in this self-defense tutorial, a convenience store robbery can be done really quickly.

Faulty as it may be, your memory might help you out a great deal, maybe as much as any camera ever would!

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Stay aware out there,

Patrick Viana

Self-Defense Blog