Women Self Defense Tips when Approaching a Car

Important Self Defense Tips for Women

We receive a lot of questions from women regarding personal protection in parking lots. This is why we created this article to share women self defense tips when approaching a car.

Getting mugged is a scary situation for everyone. Having someone corner you to take your personal possessions is enough to terrorize anyone.

Now, imagine you’re walking towards your car after you finish work or a night out with friends. As you’re approaching your car, you feel someone following you from behind.

On reflex, you start walking faster, looking for your keys, unlock your car doors and try to get in as fast as possible.

That’s normal. It’s your first instinct. To get into the safety of your car as quickly as possible.

However, in reality, that’s not how it always happens. In most real-life situations, you won’t be able to get into your car and lock yourself in before the mugger gets to you.

If you’re lucky and you’re able to, then you want to get your car started and drive off as quickly as possible. Don’t think that just because you’re safely in your car with the doors locked that your mugger isn’t a threat to you anymore.

He could have a baseball bat and break your window trying to get to you, a knife trying to slash your tires, or worst, he could have a gun and start shooting.

Therefore, if you manage to get into your car before he gets to you, lock the doors and drive off as quickly as possible. Don’t spend a second longer there then you need to.

This is the best-case scenario.

Awareness is a Key part of Self Defense when approaching your Car

In most situations, as mentioned previously, the mugger usually manages to get to you before you get in your car.

The first thing you always want to do in any scenario is to be on high alert. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Don’t ever let your guard down and always be aware of what is going on around you.

The moment you feel someone is following you as you approach your car, you need to be completely aware of your surroundings and be ready to act.

If it’s a mugging and you’re in a close quarter range, it might be a good option to give your belongings or whatever he is asking for without a fight.

If the attacker wants to hurt you or bring you to another location, you’ll need to fight for your life using all the Code Red Self Defense principles.

In the event that your attacker has a weapon, such as a knife, and tries to stab you while you’re in your car, the best self-defense method you can use is to trap the knife and strike back immediately.

A great method is to push him back with your feet with enough force that has him getting away just enough for you to be able to close the door and lock yourself in.

Watch a Live Demo on How to Deal with a Stalker

The video is pretty much self explanatory. You learn personal protection tips that are actionable in real life.

Make sure to practice these self-defense tactics so you can be ready if ever you’re in a similar situation.

Click the link to see our video on how to defend yourself from a mugging situation when you’re approaching your car.

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On that page, you’ll find everything you need to stay safe against any type of attack whether you’re a man or a woman.

Lastly, we hope that you found this article useful on women self defense tips when approaching a car.

This is a serious matter; make sure to take action today by learning how to protect yourself.

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