Why You Shouldn’t Throw a Punch in a Street Fight

Do Not Punch in a Street Fight

When you’re in a street fight, you often think that the best way to defend yourself is by constantly punching your opponent.

However, what many fail to remember is that by punching your opponent, you’re actually hurting yourself more.

Throwing a punch can severely hurt your fist and cause serious damage to yourself. Also, all you’re doing when you’re throwing punches is constantly going back and forth, which limits your movements to strike back quickly.

That’s why we actually advise against punching. There are better ways to defeat your opponent in a street fight.

For starters, try open palm striking. You have a better chance of hurting your opponent since even if you do miss your primary target, you’re still hitting your target somewhere and therefore causing injury.

The many advantages to open palm striking

The first main benefit is that you’re possibly hurting yourself much less then if you would be throwing a punch. Since you’re only using the heel of your hand when you palm strike, the injury is much less then with a punch which could cause you to break your knuckles or bleed really badly.

Also, the impact is much stronger when you strike your opponent with your palm rather then with a punch. You cover more surface and inflict much more damage.

Your follow-up strikes are much better also since you can range from palm striking to grabbing their hair, cranking their neck and inflicting many more strikes that can ultimately put you at an advantage.

So, the next time you’re in a street fight trying to save yourself, think twice about punching your opponent. Rather then throwing a punch, opt for a palm strike which has a more effective result and can ultimately help you win the fight.

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