Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Your Phone During an Attack

Phones are great for many things but using them to call the cops DURING an attack is not one of them! Technology has done many things in the world, and the evolution of the mobile phone is definitely one of them.

However, while your phone is great for many features, you shouldn’t use it as a self-defense protection to call the police while things are getting heated. Chances are, your attacker will see you going for it and will just take it away from you.

It’s best if you concentrate on what is going on, so that you can handle the situation by either verbally defusing the fight or by positioning yourself.

The time you waste going after your phone is keeping you from focusing on your attacker. Your attacker can then use your actions as a way to get even more angry and even try to knock you out.

Don’t forget: rule number one of self-defense is awareness.

Therefore, if you are distracted because you are trying to get your phone, you are not aware of your attacker. You don’t know where he is or what he’s saying because your focus is on your phone call.

So, forget about your phone and rather focus on your attacker. Be aware of where he is and what he is saying. That way, you can focus on coming up with the perfect self-defense technique.

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