Why You Need Speed for Self Defense

Are you fast enough to survive?

Being fast and agile in a fight can make all the difference. Whether you are sprinting away from overwhelming numbers or a crazy knife attacker, you need to be quick! So, here are more details on why you need speed for self defense.

Firstly, if there is one aspect of physical ability in self-defense training that doesn’t get as much attention as it should, it is definitely speed.

People are taught strength. There are several programs that claim they can train you to rip people apart with your bare hands.

They teach combat, endurance, quick thinking and whatnot – but rarely, if ever, speed.

But speed is the corner-stone of self-defense!

Running is an important part of self-defense

When confronted by a dangerous attacker, if the opportunity is there, you can run away to stay safe from that situation.

This can also be a situation when you’re outnumbered and have to run to survive.

It’s important to keep in mind however, that it’s not always possible to run away in a street fight.

The “running away” context aside, what if you just need to move quickly? All the strength in the world will not help you if you have slow reaction time and poor coordination!

That said, dodging someone’s punches or delivering lightning-fast blows of your own, speed and explosive strength are a must.

Clearly, speed is useful not just useful for running off. It’s a boost to both offense and defense in a fight.

This is a definitive guide on how to boost your speed from regular to ridiculous and improve your performance in anything that tests your physical ability to the extreme, including a fight.

You can benefit from it enormously!

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Need speed to chase somebody for self-defense?

So, what if you actually have to chase someone? A purse snatcher, for example – it may seem like the stuff of movies, but things like that happen in real life as well!

In those cases, speed is essential.

And you can actually develop it!

This book will help you become faster and more agile (Ad), and significantly boost your self-defense ability as a result.

Don’t neglect your speed, it is far more important for survival than you might think!

I hope that you enjoyed this article on why you need speed for self defense.

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Stay safe,

Patrick Viana

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