Why is Self-Defense Important?

There are things in life that are more important than others

Self-defense is certainly one of them.

I mean, think about it for a second. How important is it for all of us to learn how to protect ourselves and defend ourselves against a brutal attack?

I would say it is crucial for all men and women to learn the basics of self-defense. Not only that, but it should be learned at a very young age and taught in schools preferably.

In our lifetime each human being will be assaulted several times whether its physically or verbally.

woman self-defense

So, why not prepare for it?

If we don’t know how to react and fight back against someone who is assaulting us, the end result can be catastrophic. Not knowing how to fight back can lead to a severe beating and can unfortunately go all the way to death.

That is why self-defense is so important.

But learning how to defend yourself is also good to protect your loved ones, right?

Even though everyone should learn fighting techniques for themselves, it’s also very important to save a family member, a friend or a coworker in need of help.

It’s quite useful to know that you can help a complete stranger that needs help.

One important thing to mention is that learning self-defense doesn’t mean only knowing physical techniques but also understanding psychological aspects such as fear management, awareness and verbal defusing principles.

Unfortunately, most martial arts systems only teach physical techniques and completely disregard the rest such as avoidance and verbal de-escalation strategies.

To make things worse, most martial arts systems do not train with realistic attacks

What do I mean by that?

I mean that in most martial arts, when the attacker is simulating an attack, he doesn’t REALLY attack. He throws a punch and then just stays there in a static manner, barely moving.

The martial arts instructor then completes his series of counter attacks with no reactions coming from the attacker.

The problem with such a way to train is that it robs the students from actually learning how to effectively protect themselves.

Watch a video clip here demonstrating what I mean by that:

If the attacker is not moving, he’s not offering you any resistance.

And, if he’s not offering you resistance, he’s not replicating a real attack.

If he’s not replicating a real attack, you’re not training in a realistic manner.

Lastly, if you’re not training in a realistic manner, you’re not learning how to defend yourself.

It’s as simple as that.

The energy that a violent attacker will have towards you in real life encounter, will be of very high intensity.

If you’ve never trained with high intensity attacks, you simply won’t be ready for the streets

are you ready for the streets

That is the most common mistake that people do when they train in martial arts. They keep on practicing and practicing the same moves along with attackers that stay still.

I mean, talk about an ineffective way to train for self-defense.

Please don’t be that person.

Because if you train like that, you’re wasting your time and money. Basically, what most martial arts are going to bring you is false confidence.

And honestly, that is just the worse, because you think that you can successfully defend yourself, but you realize you can’t when shit hits the fan.

At that crucial moment, you realize that your training wasn’t that effective after all. And, it’s really not the best moment to discover that your training was useless for all these years.

That is why, not only is learning self defense important, but learning the right style of self-defense is absolutely crucial for your safety.

That brings me to talk about reality-based self-defense systems.

Why, you may ask?

That is because, a reality-based self-defense system is the most recommended way to train to fight back against a violent attack. And it’s mainly because the energy coming from the attacker is realistic.

If the defense mechanisms you learn during your training are optimal for all sorts of dangerous situations, you’re on to something good.

In other words, if your reality-based self defense system covers defensive tactics against weapons such as knives, guns, crow bars, axes, hammers, baseball bats and more, it means you’re prepared to face the unexpected.

If your self-defense system covers how to defend against verbal assaults, how to deal with multiple attackers and how to deal with larger attackers, you know you have most likely, found a good system.

To top it off, and frankly where many self-defense systems fail to succeed in teaching is awareness and avoidance.

If your self defense system teaches how to defuse a situation, how to avoid getting into a problematic situation and how to avoid becoming a target to criminals, you’re already miles ahead of other self-defense students.

Here’s a video on how to choose a good self defense school.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, there aren’t that many good local schools.

What you’ll most likely find in your area, are traditional martial schools such as karate, kung-fu or boxing schools.

As stated above, these types of traditional schools are not optimal for your overall personal protection.

Up until now, I’ve talked a lot about the differences between martial arts and self defense schools. But what about learning actual self-defense moves?

What can these self-defense moves be, you might be asking?

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’re going to fill up your car at a gas station and you’re alone that night.

As you go into the convenience store to make your payment, you get approached by two men. They start talking to you and asking you what are you doing there and why are you in their spot?

Your hearth immediately starts racing and you try to figure out what to say and improvise on the moment.

Since, you haven’t trained for self-defense and learned how to de-escalate arguments, you answer some sort of phrase such as: « I just want to pay for my gas ».

Answering like so might just heat things up, since they clearly know that you’re probably carrying cash, since you’re going to the convenience store to make your payment.

And what if it’s a plan just to make you talk and say something, right?

Things can get heated really quickly when you answer the wrong thing.

You also have road rage situations, where someone can get really angry at you to the point of wanting to beat you up!

That said, if your awareness failed, you can’t de-escalate the fight and you’re faced with a life-threatening situation, you’ll need to take action, right?

And, you’ll need to take action FAST!

In street fights, seconds (and even milliseconds) matter. What you do with them is going to determine if you stay alive or not.

Here are 3 self-defense moves that everyone should know

As you can see in the video, these self-defense moves can be achieved quickly.

With a little bit of practice, you can master these moves and enhance your personal safety.

You can practice these moves with a training partner, taking into consideration that this person should wear a protective helmet.

It’s also important to not go full out when hitting your training partner. Safety precautions, should always be part of your training sessions.

If you don’t have a training partner, you can use a training dummy such as the Bob Dummy. It’s one of the best ways to practice your strikes in a full-blown motion.

There isn’t any holding back when hitting the Bob Dummy

bob dummy

You simply solidify the base with sand or water and you’re good to go with your strikes.

You can throw some palm strikes, elbows, knee strikes, bicep pops, headbutt’s and even powerful kicks!

Self-Defense kicks, play an important role in personal protection.

We usually don’t recommend high kicks, as we don’t like being on one leg for too long.

Instead, we recommend low kicks that are quick and effective. By not lifting your leg too high nor too long, your feet are back on the ground where they should be most of the time.

If you are grounded and have solid footwork skills for self-defense, you’ll be able to move around quickly and efficiently.

Not only that, but you’ll be stable to launch your upper body strikes. And, if you are grounded correctly, your strikes can have a lot of power and do a lot of damage to your opponent.

To learn more on this, check out the video on how to strike with power.

Remember, when you’re faced with someone who is threatening to hurt you or to take your life away, you need to do what it takes to protect yourself and survive.

If we look back at the title of this article, we want to know why is self-defense so important?

It’s important, because it can save your life.

Plain and simple.

You get to spend another day with your wife, husband, kids, parents, siblings and friends.

Isn’t that alone enough to justify a valid reason to learn self-defense, right?

But to do so, you need to first prepare your mind that you can achieve success in a battle.

Furthermore, you need to remove from your head, all the misconceptions that surround the self-defense and martial arts industry.

Don’t know what they are?

Here’s a video clip that explains the top 10 self-defense misconceptions:

As you can see in this YouTube video, Nick Drossos and the Code Red Defense crew, explain each and every misconception that there are on the topic of self-defense.

We can see that some of them are very common, yet so wrong.

For example, people tend to think that the Police can save them from being attacked and injured. Unfortunately, by the time the cops arrive to a crime scene, the damage is often already done.

So, to rely solely on cops for your safety is not a good idea.

Some other misconceptions are about strikes, such as: « A good kick to the balls will end the fight! ».

Well… in theory that sounds nice and dandy but in real life, during a big fight with lots of adrenaline, your attacker might not even feel that kick to the nuts.

He’ll just keep coming at you like a mad man, just like Jason from Friday the 13th does!

Not only that, but what if you miss your target and hit the inner part of the thigh (leg) instead of the groin? What will you do next?

Will you go for the same move, knowing that your attacker is aware of what’s coming? You might not, right?

What does that leave you with in terms of striking options?

If you’re not prepared, you won’t know how to react

Your brain won’t have the mental blueprint on what to do next.

It’s like a computer searching for an un-existing file and returns with « Could not find this file ». It’s the exact same thing for humans, when we don’t know what to do, we just don’t.

That’s when you realize that you’re screwed, as your attacker starts gaining momentum of the fight and just keeps throwing solid punches directly to your face! Or worse, he is stabbing you with a knife!

And that is why, at the Code Red Defense headquarters, we don’t like to get stuck into « This strike will always work » or « That move doesn’t work ».

Instead, we train and prepare for all sorts of different situations and unexpected events.

Another common self-defense misconception we often hear is:

« If I’m faced with an attacker, I’ll just run! ».

Well… there it goes again, it’s not always possible to run.

A great example for that is what if you’re fighting someone in a bus, or in an elevator, you can’t really run, right?

What if a crazy and drugged up guy, comes at you with a knife for no reasons and you decide to « take off » running.

Let’s say you do and you trip on the sidewalk nearby and he easily catches up to you… will you be able to fight off a crazy dude stabbing you while you’re on the ground?

If you’ve never trained for that before, you’ll be at the mercy of your attacker and you could potentially lose your life in such an event.

And, all of that is because you thought you « just needed to run » against someone attacking you. Therefore, you never took self-defense seriously and never took a live class or online course, right?

This is to say that having preconceived ideas about what you’re going to do is not a winning option when it comes to personal protection. You just can’t assume that everything will go as planned.

This is why we train for the worse case scenarios.

Since by now, we know why it’s crucial to learn self-defense, we need to focus on choosing the right training that will help under any type of situations.

Cool, right?

Furthermore, if you’re interested in discovering our complete online self-defense course, you can check out our official Code Red Defense videos.

Code Red Defense, is a reality-based self-defense system that has been created by Nick Drossos and myself (Patrick Viana), to help civilians learn how to protect themselves via an online course.

In total, there are 14 self-defense videos, ranging between one to three hours each. As an example, our Knife Defense video is 3 hours long. That is to ensure that our viewers grasp all the safety concepts to make sure that they optimize their chances of surviving a brutal knife attack.

Another example is our Verbal Defense video which is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. This video teaches the specifics on how to de-escalate heated arguments and verbal assaults.

When an angry man is right in your face, mouthing off and is clearly getting ready to throw his fists, you need to do something about it.

Not only that, but this video teaches how to use verbal tactics to get away safely from a potential attack. These verbal tactics alone have the potential to save your life one day.

The complete set of self defense videos comes along with a bonus interview on how criminals think and operate. It’s such an eye-opening video, where you can learn how criminals and muggers target their victims.

It’s a life changing course, that it will open all sorts of new possibilities for you, in terms of living a safer life.

The videos are jam packed with effective self-defense concepts, along with explainer drills and real-life scenarios.

Here’s a quick description of what each video are about:

Awareness and Avoidance

The only guaranteed way to stay safe is to avoid violent encounters. Train your mind to notice and react to potential danger long before things get rough – and you will stay out of harm’s way entirely.

Verbal Defense

Your verbal defusing skills are essential for your safety. You can prevent a violent confrontation through words and body language, and this video will show you exactly how.

Fighting Stances

When facing someone violent, your stances are crucial to your defense and offense set up. Master the perfect way to position your body for everything from moving around to blocking, dodging, trapping, and even stopping a sucker punch!

Footwork for Self-Defense

If you want to have the slightest chance of surviving a street fight, proper footwork is essential. This video will teach you how to keep your balance when attacking or defending, and outmaneuver opponents.

Striking Fundamentals

Everyone can throw a punch – but can you make it good enough to finish a fight with one hit? These striking tactics and techniques are not only powerful, but also very effective against any attacker, so don’t miss out!

Common Attacks

Many street criminals turn to standard, predictable attacks that are easy to defend against – as long as you know what you’re doing. After watching this video, you will, and these moves will save your life.

Ground Fighting

On the ground, you are at a big disadvantage in a street fight. Your only chance is to act fast and either get back up or take the attacker down with you – or both. This video will show you how.

How to Defeat a Large Attacker

There are no weight divisions in a street fight, and you have to be ready for an attacker bigger and stronger than you. This video is all about helping you to bring down a larger opponent.

Knife Defense

Knives are the most brutal street weapons, and knife ambushes are lethal – which means you can’t neglect knife defense. To stay safe, learn the most effective strategies from this exciting video.

Multiple Attackers

What do you do when faced with more than one attacker? Watch this video to see real-life and actionable strategies! This is a must-watch if you are serious about self-defense.

Improvised Weapons

Fighting for your life, you need to use any advantage you can get. This video will teach you how to turn anything at hand into an improvised weapon to incapacitate your attacker.

Weapon Defense

With most attackers commonly using weapons, you have to be prepared enough to defend against them. We will teach you trapping and disarming moves from anything to crow bars, baseball bats and more.

Stick Fighting

For a weapon that’s low-cost and legal to own, you can’t go wrong with a stick. This video teaches you the basics of stick fighting in various self-defense situations, even against multiple armed attackers.

Gun Defense

There is no room for mistakes when someone holds you at gunpoint. This video is packed with life-saving advice on how to defend against this lethal threat, from peaceful diffusion to disarming or trapping.

Complete Code Red Defense Set

If you’d rather get all the videos to view and train at your own pace, you can buy lifetime access and download all the self-defense lessons to your computer.

That way, you can always come back to the videos and practice, no Internet connection required. This package includes the bonus video “Inside the Criminal Mind”.

With this complete self-defense video package of life saving knowledge, you’ll be able to remove fear from your life once and for all.

I really hope that this article empowered you on the importance of learning self-defense and most importantly, I look forward on hearing back from you, telling me that you started learning to protect yourself.

Invest in your personal safety, you will be so glad you did.

The feeling is indescribable when you learn how to defend yourself with effective self-defense techniques.

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Patrick Viana

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