What Would You Do at Gunpoint?

An important gun defense lesson

How would you react, if you were held at gunpoint? This is a serious question we pose in the subject of this article.

A threat of imminent death can hardly inspire anyone to think straight and make rational decisions. But sometimes one just has to do it.

This is why gun defense is so important to learn.

Take a look at the video below, for instance:

A Man Pulls a Gun at the School Board:

As you can see, there are a lot of things going on in this clip. First, the suspects wants to explain himself on a specific topic to the school board members.

But as he is asking the attendees to clear the room, a women tries to use her purse to disarm the suspect. Well, all can be said here is that it was an unsuccessful move that could have easily cost her, her life.

It’s good to try to fight back, but you have to know how, right?!

So, you can tell that the board members are scared. But they are also doing something right.

The chairman tries to de-escalate the situation and reason with the gunman.

At the same time, he is taking full responsibility for firing his wife (the reason why the criminal is threatening everybody in the first place).

He is willing to make himself the primary target, and he is also trying to distract the criminal until help arrives (and eventually it does).

The deranged man held the entire board at gunpoint, and, despite their attempts to reason with him, eventually fired a couple of shots at those people – point-blank.

Here’s the miraculous part: he missed – three times in a row!

A security guard shot the man, but he had enough strength left to kill himself before getting arrested.

This newscast lends a more comprehensive view of the situation.

This could have easily ended much worse!

Amazingly, the only victim of this shooting was the gunman himself.

The people involved showed both courage and resolve; they did their best in the worst possible circumstances.

And they taught us all a valuable lesson in the process.

That said, situations like this are the biggest reason to learn gun defense: not just to fight or disarm, but to negotiate with people, to de-escalate tension, to see the danger coming in advance.

Stay safe,

Patrick Viana

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