What to do in a Road Rage Situation

Aggressive or angry behavior exhibited by motorists

Road rage is something we all experience at one time or another. We’ve almost all been guilty of it. However, there are moments when road rage can quickly escalate to another level. That said, here’s what to do in a road rage situation.

When both drivers exit their vehicle after a small car accident or other incident and decide to confront one another, that’s when things can get tricky.

Having the person you accidentally hit with your car exit their vehicle and come at you with an intention to fight you is a situation you want to avoid.

Self-defense tips for road rage situations

The trick is to prepare for anything and quickly asses the situation to see if this can be a life-threatening situation.

Whether that’s striking the person when they are slightly distracted or finding an opportunity to exit, it’s important to find these opportunities and make them count.

Obviously, what you want to do is to avoid the confrontation going physical. Therefore, try to keep it as calm and friendly as you can.

If the person is already verbally attacking you, diffuse their attention of going physical by trying to soothe down their temper.

Accept full responsibility, offer to pay for the damages, let them know the cops are on their way. Whatever it takes to avoid the confrontation going physical.

Sometimes, you have to fight back

If you see at one point that there is no avoiding it, and it looks like your opponent is ready to hit you at any moment, then you want to be the one to strike first.

Don’t forget if you feel threatened, the point is to always have an advantage on top of your opponent.

Therefore, being the first person to strike will give you the advantage you need to catch your opponent off guard and being able to escape the situation safely.

For an example on how to diffuse your opponent’s attention and how to protect yourself if ever you’re in a road rage situation, refer to the video below:

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