What to do in a Fight or Flight Situation

What happens to your body before and during a fight?

It’s normal for your body to freeze up during a fight. Especially if fighting isn’t something you’re faced with often. So, we’ll look at what to do in a fight or flight situation.

That said, having your body react when confronted with an attacker is a normal behavior. However, it’s important to quickly snap out of it and react.

Since in most fight situations, you only have a few seconds to decide whether you want to stay and fight, or escape (if possible).

If you decide to fight back, fight with all you’ve got and make your strikes count!

Control your fear and stay aware at all times

While you might feel weak and afraid, it’s important to remember that your body’s reaction is actually a way of preparing itself for a fight. Additionally, being afraid doesn’t mean you’re weak.

It’s normal to be scared when faced with an attacker. This means that you’re aware of the danger and you know you have to defend yourself.

However, it’s important to not let the fear take control of your body and emotions. You need be aware and focused if you want to fight back and escape the situation with as little to no injury.

Always believe in your self-defense abilities

By having faith in yourself and believing that you can defend yourself, you stand a greater chance at defeating your opponent.

Focus on your breathing and be aware of your opponent and your surroundings. This will keep your mind focused on the fight and give you better odds at defending yourself.

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