What to Do in a Fight if you get Stabbed

Knife attacks are brutal

This is a situation that you really don’t want to end up being in. However, it does happen, and you need to be prepared. So here’s what to do in a fight if you get stabbed.

Firstly, if your attacker has a knife and you end up getting injured, you need to stay focused.

Obviously having your hands covered in blood and losing blood is not an ideal situation to be in. But it’s important to stay focused and finding an opportunity to escape as quickly as possible.

While most people think that you should focus on disarming your attacker, it’s not always the obvious choice.

Especially if your hands are covered in blood making it that much more difficult to grab a hold of the knife. So, what is the best solution?

In a knife attack, act quickly and fight back

The important thing to remember is that you need to act fast. You’ve been injured, so chances are you are using twice as much energy to defeat your attacker.

Therefore, every attempt to defeat your attacker must be quick and efficient. That way, you can get an opportunity to escape and get proper help.

There are a few knife defense tactics you can use in a situation like this. You can use your arms as defense mechanism to block the knife from causing more severe damage to your injuries.

You can also strike your opponent to defend yourself. However, it’s important that while you are striking your attacker, you are aware of where the knife is at all times.

Learn footwork skills for self-defense

Another great self-defense technique is to use your footwork skills. Don’t stay still in one place. Doing so will give your attacker the opportunity to further inflict damage on you.

So, keep moving. This will distract your attacker and make it that much more difficult for him to stab you and hurt you.

There are several knife techniques you can use in a situation like this. To see an example on how you can defend yourself if ever you are stabbed in a street fight, check out our video on YouTube.

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Check out this resource for s complete instructional video on knife defense.

We hope you found these self-defense tips useful. Don’t forget, the fight doesn’t end when you get injured. It ends when you stop fighting.

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