What to Do if You’re Cornered by 3 Attackers

Being corned by three attackers can often seem like the worst situation one can be in. No obvious way out and trapped by three people who are much bigger and stronger than you can seem like a person’s worst nightmare.

However, it’s important to not lose hope and think of strategic ways where you can get out of that situation as quickly as possible.

There are many ways you can escape from being cornered by attackers. The first thing is to always keep moving. If they have your arms around you, try moving towards the side by maneuvering their arms off of you.

By putting your hands on top of their arms and moving to the side, you can get out of the trapped situation and escape. You need to create your own exit strategy so moving to the side and keeping their hands off of you is a great start.

Another great tactic is to use the wall to your advantage. By using the wall to slide and get out of the cornered situation you’re in, you can outsmart them and get out of there as soon as possible.

Remember to be quick about it and to act fast. You never know what their next move will be or if they have any weapons on them, so getting out of there as quickly as possible should be your only focus.

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Cornered by 3 Attackers – What to Do?

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