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True self-defense at your finger tips

Hello and welcome to the Self Defense Blog. We’re so glad to see that you visited this page. It means that you are interested in learning how to protect yourself and your love ones.

That is a fantastic thing.

Learning self defense is such an incredible sense of accomplishment. When you know and feel confident about protecting yourself and your loved ones, you know that you’re in control.

On the contrary, there are unfortunately, too many people completely oblivious to violence. They ignore the fact that they can be attacked at any moment of the day and at any place.

These “unprepared” folks, are the ones who most of the time, become victim of violent crimes.

We’re glad to see that you aren’t one of them and that you’re looking to learn more on self defense. Taking your personal safety at care is something that you will cherish all your life.

So, how can you get started with self-defense?

It’s simple, you can start by watching self defense videos. That will certainly help you grasp the most useful concepts on how to fight back against an attacker.

You can also read articles from this blog to learn additional concepts of personal protection.

Remember that information is power. The more you know on a subject the better you will become.

Once you’ve gathered enough information and you know how to approach things for self-protection, you can get into the actual physical self defense moves and techniques.

Even though learning self defense can be achieved at any age and skill levels, it’s important to mention that there are noticeable differences in each systems.

The system you choose, will have a huge impact on your safety

For example, martial arts are great for discipline and self-confidence, but they are not entirely effective for real life attacks.

Instead, you want a self-defense that will get you ready for brutal violence that is out there.

That said, a good reality based self defense system, approaches all concepts from real life situations that can actually occur.

It also gives answers along with useful defensive techniques on how to deal with every type of dangerous encounters.

Furthermore, a good reality based self defense system, will usually include verbal de-escalation tactics, awareness and avoidance tips.

A good personal protection system, will also include topics such as common attacks, fighting stances, footwork skills and ground fighting tips.

In addition, an effective self defense system will also include scenario based training for multiple attackers, knife defense tactics and gun defense tactics.

Many other life-saving information, such as weapon defense and how to use improvised weapons for maximum safety, are also usually included in there.

Here’s a recommended reality based self defense system that you can check out to get started.

So, one again welcome to the self defense blog and we hope that you’ll enjoy the information!

Take care.

Patrick Viana and the Code Red Defense team