Using MMA as a Self-Defense Method

Mixed Martial Arts offers great self-defense techniques. There’s a lot of movements and techniques in MMA that could be great when it comes to self-defense.

MMA teaches you about timing, balance, range, mobility and speed. These are all important factors when it comes to self-defense techniques.

Basically, Mixed Martial Arts can teach you a lot about how to position your body and stances when it comes to self-defense. By having a better understanding of your body and how to use it, you can better perform the different self-defense techniques that can help you during a fight.

Additionally, there are several MMA moves that can easily be adapted in self-defence techniques. That’s why it’s often easier to train people in self-defence who already have a solid MMA background.

That being said, we strongly encourage people who want to take self-defence classes to already have a good understanding of MMA. This will make the training aspect of self-defence much easier.

To see how MMA can help you with your personal protection skills, check out our YouTube video on: Using MMA as Self-Defense

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