Using MMA as a Self-Defense Method

Is MMA useful for self defense?

Mixed Martial Arts offers great fighting techniques. But the big question is the following: Is using MMA as a self-defense method any good?

The short answer is: Yes. However, there are important differences that need to be addressed.

Firstly, there are a lot of movements and techniques in MMA that could be very useful when it comes to self-defense.

For instance, MMA teaches you about timing, balance, range, mobility and speed. These are all very important factors of self-defense.

Basically, Mixed Martial Arts can teach you a lot about how to position your body and stances when it comes to self-defense.

By having a better understanding of your body and how to use it, you can better perform the different self-defense techniques that can help you during a fight.

There are things that MMA does not cover for personal protection. For example, mixed martial arts do not cover knife defense, dealing with multiple attackers and facing a mugger with a gun.

The following video explains it all:

Using MMA as a Self-Defense Method

As seen in this video clip, there are a lot of advantages to learn and practice mixed martial arts.

Additionally, there are several MMA moves that can easily be adapted in self-defense techniques. That’s why it’s often easier to train people in self-defense who already have a solid MMA background.

The students who already understand the anatomy of fighting, can add the other elements of personal protection that are missing from their training.

In other words, the MMA students are generally more prone to learn self-defense quicker, since they understand the core elements of fighting.

MMA teaches you how to fight the right way

That is to say, we strongly encourage people who want to take self-defense classes to already have a good understanding of MMA. This will make the training aspect of self-defense much easier.

If not, no worries… With a good reality based self defense system, everything is covered to make you learn personal protection the correct way.

To see how MMA can help you with your personal protection skills, check out our YouTube video on: Using MMA as Self-Defense.

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Take care and stay safe out there!

Patrick Viana

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