Tips for Self Defense at Home

Learn safety tips when you’re at home

One of the worst things that can happen and that most people fear is home invasion. This is probably one of the scariest types of attacks that can happen. That said, in this article I’ll share some tips for self defense at home.

Your home is supposed to be your safe place, your sanctuary. Therefore, having someone invade it and attack you is not only a scary situation, but completely terrifying.

This means that someone was able to get into your house and come to you in a place where you should be feeling the safest.

There is no reason why there should be anyone that you’re unaware of on your property. Therefore, if you do see someone that you don’t recognize and they look suspicious, this should immediately raise a red flag.

Here’s a live example of tips for self defense at home:

You can always ask the person what they are doing on your property and who they are. If they refuse to answer and look suspicious, you need to be on guard.

As seen in the clip, the suspicious man was trying to do a daylight home invasion on a back porch.

The first thing to always remember if you see someone on your property that looks suspicious is to get inside your property right away.

As soon as you’re in your home, make sure to lock the door and call the cops. You then want to ensure that all doors and windows are safely closed and locked so the person has no way of getting in.

If you’re unable to get in your house and you see a suspicious person on your property. It’s important that you stay alert. You want to first check if they have any weapons and if they’re alone.

You also want to be aware of your surroundings and find something that you can use as an improvised weapon. Remember, this is your property so you should know what you have and what you can use to defend yourself.

If the person starts coming towards you in a threatening way, be ready to fight. A palm strike or knee kicks are usually good self defense techniques to use in this situation.

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Patrick Viana

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