The Worst Way to Block a Punch

Self defense tips for optimal protection in a fight

When you’re in a street fight, you’re bound to get a few punches thrown in. You need to be careful to avoid them as much as possible. Especially if your attacker is much bigger and larger than you. In this article, we’ll cover the worst way to block a punch in a fight.

That said, if your opponent manages to get one hit in, he can cause significant damage. That’s why you need to be pre-emptive and block his punch before it even happens.

Blocking a punch when you’re in a fight is a great way to defend yourself. There are several ways that you can block a punch that can put you at a significant advantage.

As shown in this clip; do not block punches this way, blocking a punch by lifting your arm while expecting to make contact with the tip of the elbow is extremely difficult.

To block a punch, lift your hands up in a passive stance and deflect, block or parry the punches as they are coming in.

Many self-defense instructors will teach different methods to block a punch that is not the most effective or realistic.

See a live demo on how not to block punches in a street fight

So, have you seen that elbow block?

While it might seem like this technique can work in certain situations, it’s very unrealistic. For starters, the timing and precision that this technique entails are too complex.

Especially when you’re in a high stress situation like fighting off your attacker. You won’t get the desired result and it might not even be possible for you to do it.

The best way to block a punch is through the many self-defense techniques that we teach at Code Red Defense. By getting our video package set, you can learn the different self defense techniques that we teach.

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