The Sad Truth of Phony Martial Art Instructors

You attacked me WRONG!

Does this look familiar to you? You take a martial art class or watch a video online where a martial instructor teaches bogus self defense concepts! In this article, I’ll expose the sad truth of phony martial art instructors.

Today, I’d like to share with you something funny and light-hearted for a change.

Here’s one of my old-time favorites – a video that captures in amazing detail what most self-defense instructors are like.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty accurate.

I know it’s a parody, but probably the only difference between real-life scammy instructors and Jim Carrey is that they are a lot less funny.

If you want to learn to protect yourself properly, you need to identify them on sight.

Those people aren’t after your well-being, but sadly some are only after your money.

Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on obtaining a false sense of security instead of proven, real-life techniques of self-defense.

The sad truth of phony martial art instructors

Incompetence is contagious. You can’t tell an attacker that he assaulted you “WROOONG!” So, please be mindful as to who you take instructions from.

There are way too many fake martial arts instructors out there.

And, if you actually took a self-defense course from a really bad instructor at any point in your life, you will find it absolutely hilarious!

Just like Jim Carrey did in the video above. He just nailed it!

This video takes everything that is wrong with phony self-defense instructors, cocky demeanor, incompetence and ignorance, inability to protect even themselves, and mocks it mercilessly. It’s a brilliant comedic sketch!

Of course, you will hardly encounter someone who behaves exactly like that in real life. But, I hope that your skill of detecting scam self-defense classes has improved, and so has your mood!

But, all this aside, enjoy the video. After all, it’s one of the funniest comedic sketches ever made!

Always keep training for self-defense!

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Patrick Viana

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