The Importance of Being Strong for Self-Defense

Forge a mighty body that can save your life

There are proven ways you can get really strong by training a certain way just like there are ways to train to get “in shape”. In this article, well look at the importance of being strong for self-defense.

Firstly, in our opinion, strength is much more than just a way to impress the ladies (or the gents, for that matter), it’s a crucial aspect of your physical development and an integral part of any self-defense training.

In other words, when you apply a movement you’ve learned in a fight, you want to make sure it stops an attacker from coming at you. Without a decent level of strength, the only person in danger, is yourself!

Why did I mention that you can save your life with a strong body at the beginning of this message?

Well… You can dramatically improve your survivability in a street fight by becoming very strong, and it’s easier than you think!

How to get super strong for self-defense

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A strong body is an asset that can help you survive in the direst situations, provide you with longevity and energy to face the daily grind.

Plus, being physically powerful and in command of your body just feels incredible!

Now, there are many excellent strength training programs that can help you develop that raw, bar-bending physical power.

But I am going to recommend the one that, in my opinion, is the most effective, most pragmatic and results-oriented of them all.

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Why settle for less?

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In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed these tips on the importance of being strong for self-defense.

Always keep training, it will serve you a lot if you were to be attacked!

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Stay safe out there,

Patrick Viana

Self-Defense Blog