The Importance of Awareness During a Fight

Being aware during a fight is extremely important. While you’re trying to focus on getting away from your attacker, it’s also very important to be aware of your surroundings.

You don’t know if your attacker has friends or if there is another threat near by that can put you at an even more disadvantage.

Therefore, it’s important to focus on your surroundings. Be aware of not just your attacker, but also of your environment.

Is there anyone else who might come and join the fight? Maybe there’s someone who can help you near by that you can shout for help so they can help you or call for help.

To see an example on how you can stay aware during a fight, check out the video below:

Being aware of your surroundings is also especially important when you’re walking alone at night in a deserted area. You never know if there is a threat close by, which is why it’s crucial to be aware of your environment.

By being able to locate what everyone else is doing and where they are, you’re able to improve your senses and have better instincts during a street fight.

It can help you better focus on not only your attacker, but everything surrounding him.

Our video on the importance of awareness during a fight shows you all the different techniques and practices that can help build your focus and improve your instincts during a fight.

These tips shared in this video will certainly enhance your personal safety.

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