The Effective Way to Learn Self Defense

Proven ways to defend yourself effectively

Sadly, not enough people take the time to learn how to protect themselves with their bare hands. This is especially true for women, but also true for men. Usually, the ones that come running to learn self defense are victims of crime. In this segment, we’ll look at the effective way to learn self defense.

That said, there are many different ways you can learn self-defense.

The first one, is actually to get in there and practice techniques and strategies coming from a reality-based self-defense system.

If you have the right information on how to react and what to do, you can then put it into practice. A great analogy for that would be cooking.

Before prepping your meals would you use a knife that is not sharp? Of course, you wouldn’t… You would sharpen your knife first and then prep your meals, right?

It’s the same for everything else you want to learn in this world.

If you want to learn self-defense, you must first learn from a proven system and then you need to take action.

These two little words are simple but powerful: Take action

A great way to learn effective self defense techniques, is with the Code Red Defense system.

You can learn to survive any type of attack, armed or unarmed, regardless of your fitness level or combat experience. “Even if you never look for a fight, a fight may come to you – nothing could prepare you better than learning and practicing self-defense”.

Master the skills necessary to protect the lives of your loved ones. By using our self-defense advice, you can rest assured that you will be able to defend them in case of need.

Transform your behavior and demeanor by empowering yourself with useful information.

Once, you know what to do, it’s recommended to take action. You can simply find someone in your local area that wants to train self-defense with you.

Remember practice, makes perfect.

Groundbreaking self defense videos

We bring you the priceless experience of instructor Nick Drossos and Patrick Viana which both spent several years practicing and teaching self-defense.

A substantial part of their life was dedicated to security work and dealing with intense situations. They know a lot about personal protection, and they will arm you with the best advice available!

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Stop being a victim and stand up to violence – become the person that no criminal would ever want to mess with!

Protect your life with the right knowledge

Stay informed for our official full-length self-defense videos by visiting our products page. These instructional self-defense videos can change your life forever.

To serve you better and to produce top-notch videos that address your self-defense concerns, we have created a self-defense survey prior to making these videos.

So, it’s the result of several years in the making, that we introduced you the Code Red Defense in 2015.

It’s our pleasure to serve civilians like you, to empower themselves through self-defense.

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