The Different Scenarios of a Knife Attack

There are many different ways a knife attack can go. But, generally speaking, there are three main types of a knife attack: static, dynamic and when your attack tries to pin you.

While each of them is dangerous, the most important one is the latter since your attacker can use his range as an advantage and hurt you.

Chances are, your attacker is bigger than you. But he also might not be bigger than you. Anyway, you need to be prepared for different types of knife attacks.

That being said, it means that his range can be a factor. Therefore, if he is leading while trying to stab you, it’s crucial for you to stay as far away from him as you can. You don’t want to stay in his range where you can risk getting stabbed.

In that particular knife defense situation, one thing that you should avoid doing is trying to trap the knife with both of your hands. If he’s leading, chances are he can easily cause you to lose your grip and this will give him another advantage.

So, don’t try to just trap the knife. You need to move the arm that is holding the knife and strike him in this situation. Always make sure to keep a safe distance from the knife so you can avoid any injuries.

To see our video on knife defense for different type of attacks, makes sure to press play on the knife defense video below:

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