The Collapse of Society and How to Survive It

Secrets that separate the “Survivors” from the “Victims” in a crisis

In this article, we’ll cover some very important elements of personal protection. We’ll cover importance tips and resources to get ready for the collapse of society and how to survive it.

For many people, the idea that society and government might break down and cease to exist, at least as we know it, sounds like something straight out of a science fiction novel.

After all, post-apocalypse is a common theme in fiction and media nowadays. But is it as unlikely as we think?

We live in a very complex world, filled with processes and phenomena we have only marginal control of.

Not many people fully understand exactly how the economy works, we can only guess how climate works, and governments have literally no control over population growth, just to name a few things we are powerless to do anything with.

Even individually, they could potentially bring on the collapse of modern civilization. Where do we end up then?

In a state of anarchy!

And… Here’s what to do about it!

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So, are you prepared for a societal meltdown?

We are so used to perceive our society and state as something perpetual and unchanging.

The thought that all this might disappear, collapse and disintegrate one day, leaving us at the mercy

of circumstances, never occurs to most people.

However, in some remote corners of the globe this has already happened, look at Somalia, Western Sahara and many other impoverished parts of the world.

Even the more developed countries can suffer the same fate, and saying they are “too big to fail” is a big mistake.

Look at what happened with the Covid-19 pandemic. Not many people saw it coming.

That said, if they do fail, we need to be prepared.

This is why you need to know how to survive during a society crisis (ad).

A state of societal anarchy does not favor the strongest or the most ruthless, but those best prepared for all the troubles that government can’t protect them from any longer.

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Hopefully, you won’t ever need this information – but who knows?

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Stay safe,

Patrick Viana

Self-Defense Blog