The Best Way to Mount Your Attacker in a Street Fight

Ground fighting tips for self-defense

If you ever get into an altercation with someone and the fight goes to the ground, you’ll need special techniques to get the upper hand. This is why we’ll show you the best way to mount your attacker in a street fight.

In that case, a great self-defense technique is mounting your attacker in a very specific way. And, if done well, it can put you at a great advantage.

Our video on How to Mount an Attacker in a Street Fight, shows you all the best pointers and self-defense tips that are sure to come in handy.

Not a typical MMA mount

One of the most important things to remember when mounting your attacker, is you don’t want to be putting your legs on each side of your opponent.

By doing so, you are giving him the advantage to grab onto one of your legs and get the upper hand by flipping you over.

Or even worst, if you do manage to strike out your opponent, his weight can crash down your leg underneath them and trapping you.

Ba careful about multiple attackers

This is the worst-case scenario, because imagine if he is with others, then if you’re trapped under your opponent, while his friends can come and knock you out easily.

Take a look at this self-defense resource to manage multiple attackers.

In addition, to see an example for this specific mounting technique, refer to the video below:

This is how you fight on the ground

That being said, the best way to mount your attacker is by keeping both your legs on one side. From there you lifting one of your legs to your opponent’s chest to apply pressure and immobilize him.

This keeps your attacker down and gives you the opportunity to strike him easily. It also gives you the advantage of being able to escape rather easily once you have eliminated the danger.

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