The Best Striking Drill Against a Larger Attacker

Self defense tips against larger attackers

In many situations, when you’re faced with an attacker, he is bigger than you. And it makes sense, since you won’t usually see a person go after someone who is twice their size. That said, here’s the best striking drill against a larger attacker.

In order to protect yourself effectively, it’s important for you to know some basic self-defense tricks, if ever you’re faced with a larger attacker.

Our self-defense video on the best striking drill against a larger attacker, teaches you all the fundamentals to fend off such an opponent.

This self-defense drill can be a great practicing exercise with your partner.

You can see the video right here:

More details on the striking drill against a larger attacker

The first thing you want to do is to try and put your hands on your attacker’s face to simulate an eye gouge defense. Therefore, you need to be able to locate his head and avoid getting struck at the same time.

While it does seem pretty straight forward, it can actually be really challenging. Especially since your attacker is much bigger than you.

To be able to get an accurate idea of how this would play out in real life, it’s best if your partner is larger than you. This will give you a realistic idea of how the situation would turn out in real life and make you more prepared.

Several factors need to be taken into consideration when you want to strike an opponent who’s larger than you.

Your footwork skills in a street fight have a major impact

Your footwork skills for self defense, need to be on point and you also need to ensure that your palm strikes and trapping techniques are effective to create the desired impact.

Just like you can see in our video about a self defense exercise with a larger attacker, fighting someone who’s huge, is no easy task.

Not only does the person have more range, but chances are that he’s also stronger, heavier and more powerful than you.

This is why we strongly suggest that when it comes to practice drills, make sure to have training partners of different sizes. Learning self-defense against larger attackers is crucial to your training.

This will make you feel different type of energy and fighting styles.

This will also give you an accurate idea of what to expect in a street fight. Your self defense techniques, will be more appropriate if ever you’re in a situation like this.

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