Simple and Effective Crime-Fighting Self Defense

Another case of a robbery gone wrong!

Some criminals definitely deserve a spot on the wall of shame for their ineptitude. And, this is just as some brave citizens need to be commended for taking action and helping to bring incompetent robbers to justice. In this article, we’ll see a simple and effective crime-fighting self defense situation.

The man in this video tried to steal a day’s profit from a fast-food place right before closing time.

Unfortunately for him, the last customer that evening knew a thing or two about chokeholds and takedowns…

And he didn’t hesitate to use them for this unique situation!

You’ll see how a courageous customer stops a thief trying to escape a fast-food restaurant with an envelope of cash.

He literally wrestled the guy to the floor!

Watch this simple and effective crime-fighting self defense move:

Of course, this man outweighs the criminal by more than a hundred pounds, and he also works as a correction officer, which means he is used to dealing with criminals.

As seen in the clip, the criminal was trying to escape quickly and was probably not expecting such resistance from anyone in the place.

In this case, the unexpected crime-fighter had every advantage – and he was absolutely right to interfere!

He did it so fast and with great efficiency, pinning the thief down until the police came.

Now, some may call this vigilantism, but to me this was also a proper use of self-defense techniques, to protect other people and help justice run its course.

And this man managed to do it well – a fine job indeed!

So, what are the lessons to take away from this video?

Well, firstly, in a fight, use every advantage you have.

Self-defense doesn’t need to be fancy; it needs to be effective.

Speaking of that, take a look at this resource to enhance your self defense skills.

In conclusion, keep in mind that taking brave and decisive action is just as important, if not more so than your fighting skills.

Take care and stay safe out there,

Patrick Viana

Code Red Defense