Self Defense Tips on the Ground & Pound Drill

If ever you’re in a situation where you have an attacker who is on top of you and trying to hit you in the face, then the ground and pound drill can come in handy. It’s important to know this self-defense technique as it can help you on more then one occasion. Additionally, you’ll be thankful you know it if ever you’re in a situation where it would benefit you.

The first thing to remember of the ground and pound drill is to make an attempt at trapping your attacker’s wrists or arms. By doing so, he’ll lose his balance and you will be able to escape his hold and reverse the position.

An important tip to remember is to buck your hips to throw your attacker off of you. This will not only give you the upper hand in the altercation but will give you just enough time to strike him. Additionally, you can use this time to your advantage by escaping.

Another crucial step to take into consideration for a ground and pound situation is trapping and striking back. In order to do this efficiently and to catch your opponent off guard is to do it quickly. Speed is a crucial aspect in any self-defense situation. It guarantees you having the upper hand since you catch your opponent off guard.

Obviously, the biggest obstacle of having someone on top of you is the dynamics. Not only does it put more weight behind each of your opponent’s strikes, but there’s also a lot of weight that’s coming down on you.

That being said, it’s important for you to try and cover your head as much as possible. Any hits you get to your head can have a severe impact and put you at a disadvantage. You also want to try and strike back as soon as you can. Make sure that when you do strike, it’s quick and hard. You want it to have as much impact as possible, so you can get up and out safely.

To see how you can defend yourself from the ground up, check out our YouTube video on Ground and Pound Self Defense Drill.

You see that performing this self defense drill can be really helpful if ever you’re in a street fight. Practicing it before hand will give you a tactical advantage.

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