Self-Defense Tips on How to Trap Your Opponent in a Street Fight

Trapping your opponent is a great self-defense mechanism

When you’re defending yourself against an angry individual, you need to do what it takes to survive. If you’re facing a larger attacker, you might need to require trapping. So, get ready to learn self-defense tips on how to trap an opponent in a street fight.

Indeed, trapping can prevent your assailant from striking you and gives you a tactical advantage. However, although there are many different ways of trapping your opponent, not all of them are efficient.

An important aspect to consider is the height of your opponent

When facing a taller opponent, you’ll most likely end up in a clinch even if you don’t want to. With their energy then often charge you. That said, you’ll need to get comfortable in trapping to enable your strikes.

For example, one of the most popular ways to trap your opponent is to grab him from behind the neck or the shirt of your opponent. Trap with one hand and strike with the other.

Now, that is self-defense!

On a side note, if he’s much larger then you, it’s probably not the best tactic since he will be able to easily escape this position. Keep that in mind.

See a demonstration of how to trap in a street fight:

More self-defense tips to trap your opponent in a street fight

One of the best ways for you to trap is to get a good leverage.

Firstly, your opponent’s clothes can be considered as a great leverage for you to use to your advantage. Try getting a good grip on your attacker’s shirt and use it to your advantage by trying to choke him.

At the same time, you can trap him in a position where you have the upper hand and can easily strike him. While many people don’t think about it, clothes can be a great leverage when it comes to self-defense.

By using your attacker’s shirt against him, you can easily move it around his head and blind him, choke him or tighten your hold on to trap him. All of these moves are to be used if you feel your life is danger.

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