Self Defense Tips for Women when Followed by Someone

An important topic for women’s self defense

Imagine you’re a woman and you are walking home alone at night, either it’s from a night out with friends, or you just finished work, it can be scary. In this article, we share self defense tips for women when followed by someone.

Sadly, we hear enough horror stories on the news about women getting kidnapped or attacked at night. That’s enough to put us on guard.

Now imagine you notice someone is following you. The situation just turned that much more terrifying. It’s normal to feel on guard and alerted. Having someone follow you at night is enough to raise a red flag.

That’s when knowing self defense comes in really handy.

What to do if you’re being followed by someone

In certain situations, a thing you could do if you feel someone is following you is to turn around and face them. While it might not be the obvious choice, it’s a smart one.


Well, imagine if the person is really threatening and you start to speed up or even you start running. Chances are, the person will outrun you and catch up in no time.

Therefore, instead of running away, turn around and face the person. You’ll definitely catch them off guard since they won’t expect that. You’ll already be at an advantage since you’ll have created the element of surprise.

Another great thing by turning around and facing your attacker is that you’ll be able to gain some extra seconds and see the person’s attack tactic before they actually strike you.

This will give you just enough time to either block their intents of hurting you or strike them yourself.

Discover self defense tips for women when followed by someone

If you do have the opportunity to strike your opponent, make sure you make them count. You need to ensure that you put all your strength and weight behind your strikes for maximum impact.

One very effective move is either a solid palm strike or even a knee kick. When performed correctly, these strikes can injure your attacker and give you just enough time to get away.

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