Self-Defense Tips for Ground Fighting

Be careful about hitting the ground in the streets

The last thing you want to happen during a street fight is to end up on the ground. Especially if your opponent is bigger and stronger then you. So, here are self-defense tips for ground fighting.

Chances are, he will use his weight and strength to pin you to the ground which will make it extremely difficult for you to escape his grasp.

Therefore, ending up on the ground is definitely something you want to avoid.

The reality is that many fights end up on the ground

That being said, you don’t always have the control in a fight and unfortunately, your opponent might succeed in getting you on the ground.

Don’t forget, if your opponent is larger and bigger than you, his goal is probably to get you on the ground since he can use his weight as an advantage in defeating you.

So, you’re in a street fight and your opponent has managed to get you on the ground. Now what? Is it over? Should you declare defeat right away?

Absolutely not.

With the right ground fighting self-defense techniques, you still have a chance of defeating your opponent.

That said, you can find yourself in several different situations on the ground. Depending on the situation, there are different self-defense techniques you can use to protect yourself.

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Street fights are unpredictable; switch things around

If you end up on top of your opponent, you want to get back up as soon as possible so you can avoid him switching positions with him ending on top of you.

Therefore, if you’re on top, strike him as hard as you can in the facial area and get right back up on your feet.

You can also use your weight to apply pressure with your elbow or your knee to your opponent.

Don’t forget – being on top of your opponent is the ideal situation. Therefore, you want to use this opportunity to your best advantage and input as much damage as you can to your opponent before getting back up.

Elbow strikes, eye gouging, pounding fist, headbutts and open palm strikes are among some of the self-defense strikes you can use while on top of your opponent.

Learn ground fighting for your personal safety

For additional self-defense tips on ground fighting, check out our video on how to mount an attacker in a street fight.

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