Self Defense Tips against an Opponent Concealing a Knife

How to detect a concealed knife

There are times when facing someone can be a very dangerous situation to be in. That is the case when someone is arguing with you in an aggressive manner. You never know what this person intentions are. So, here are self defense tips against an opponent concealing a knife.

Unfortunately, many street attacks include an opponent who has a weapon. This is why it’s important to prepare for different type of scenarios including knife attacks.

Especially when you’re alone at night in a remote location, attackers tend to be more confident as they know there isn’t anyone around to see or hear them.

When you come across an attacker who has a knife, you need to be extremely careful about how you handle the situation.

Also, your attacker will not always reveal his knife at the beginning. Therefore, you always need to be alert and on guard.

Awareness: a key principle of concealed knife defense tips

One of the main red flags that should appear if your attacker has a knife is if one of his hands is concealed.

If you’re unable to see both of his hands, this should automatically raise a red flag for you. You need to be extremely cautious and alert.

See a live demo on how to detect a concealed knife:

You never know when he will pull out his weapon and aim it towards you. That being said, you want to always be alert and ready to block him if things take a wrong turn.

This is one situation where being alert and on guard is not only crucial, but essential.

==> Awareness is a key element of self defense

While many self defense instructors will teach you on how to defend yourself when and if your attacker takes out his knife, not many will teach you the important factors that can lead to that.

Just because your attacker hasn’t taken out his weapon yet doesn’t mean that he won’t or that you shouldn’t be ready to defend yourself.

As a self defense practitioner, learn to read body language

There are many clues that will indicate if your attacker has a weapon.

As mentioned previously, one of the main clues is if one of his hands is out of your view. If he is hiding one hand, this should right away raise red flags.

Another clue is if he is hiding his hand behind his clothes. There shouldn’t be any reason for him to do that so this should definitely raise suspicion.

Our video on Concealed Knife Defense Tips teaches you all the basics on how to know if your attacker is hiding a weapon and how to defend yourself.

So, there you go!

You now have knowledge about how to detect a concealed weapon when confronted by an individual.

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