Self Defense Tips against a Larger Attacker on the Ground

How to defend yourself from a bigger attacker on the ground

There are many different tactics you can take if you end up on the ground during a fight. So without a further a do, let’s share some self defense tips against a larger attacker crushing you on the ground.

Although you might want to react instantly by wanting to hit your assailant, the reality is that you might not even get a chance to do that.


Because your attacker might end up jumping on top of you and crushing you with his weight and his strength.

That is especially true with a larger opponent.

Let’s face it, if your attacker is larger than you, escaping him from the ground might not be such an easy task. That’s why you need to be smart about what you do. Simply hitting him might not be the best solution.

Here are ways to achieve that:

Additional self defense tips against a larger attacker on the ground

Try to angle your strikes in areas that will distract him and make him lose his grip on you. For example, aim for the eyes, the nose or even the neck.

Hence, these strikes are usually the most sensitive areas that if you do manage to hit, there’s a good chance that your attacker might lose his balance.

This will give you the perfect opportunity for you to escape him and end up on top where you can start striking him hard and fast.

Self defense is a necessity today

That said, self-defense is all about seizing opportunities and making the most of them.

Another great technique you can use is to grab your attacker’s hair and smash his head to the ground.

This will definitely give you the upper hand in the fight and give you the chance to escape. Remember, ground fighting with a larger attacker should always be the last resort.

Using lethal force, should also only be used in last resort if your life is in danger.

We hope you found these tips against larger attacker for crushing tactic on the ground useful. For more articles on self-defense, make sure to visit this blog regularly.

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