How to Defend Yourself Against a Front Bear Hug

How to Defend Yourself Against a Front Bear Hug

Self defense against front bear hugs While front bear hugs are not as common as back bear hugs during a fight, they do still happen. That’s why it’s important to know some efficient self-defense techniques if ever you are in a situation like this. There are many important factors to remember when you are in …

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junkie self defense

Self Defense against a Junkie

Someone on drugs is coming at you… Here’s what to do When a sober, law-abiding citizen faces a criminal whose mind is confused by drugs, he or she is usually terrified and clueless about what to do and how to deal with this threat. So, here are self defense tips against a junkie. Firstly, if …

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the true definition of a sucker punch

True Definition of a Sucker Punch

The “one” strike that can surprises many There are many definitions and videos on the internet showing you what a sucker punch is and how to avoid one. Let’s dive deeper on the true definition of a sucker punch. It’s quite important for your self-defense training, because the sucker punch is the reason why so …

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bullying in the news

Bullying Gone to Another Level

A group attacking a girl walking home from school Sometimes we come across videos on the web that, although not containing any overly graphic violence, still manage to be sickening and shocking. It’s literally bullying gone to another level. What they show offends our humanity on so many levels that it almost can’t be put …

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Listen to what your attacker has to say - self defense tips

Why You Should Listen to Your Attacker

Important cues during a robbery One thing that is often not mentioned during self-defense classes is the importance of listening to your attacker. So, why should you pay attention and listen to your attacker? While it might not seem like the obvious thing to do, it is without a doubt an important thing to remember …

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interview with a convict

Are You Prepared for Extreme Violence?

Here’s an important question for you: Could you survive an attack from a vicious murderer? This might be a difficult question to answer, especially if you never thought about it before. And that is also because there a lot of crazy and dangerous individuals out there, unfortunately. That said, are you prepared for extreme violence? …

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Fight or flight self-defense

What to do in a Fight or Flight Situation

What happens to your before and body during a fight It’s normal for your body to freeze up during a fight. Especially if fighting isn’t something you’re faced with often. So, we’ll look at what to do in a fight or flight situation. That said, having your body react when confronted with an attacker is …

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knife defense against attack

It’s Hard to Defend Against a Knife Unless You Know How

An important lesson about knife defense In today’s article, we discuss about a deranged individual trying to stab random people. As you’ll see, it’s important to take knife defense seriously. That said, unless you know how, it’s hard to defend against a knife. Indeed, edged weapons are very hard to defend against and very high …

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Learn self defense on the ground

How to Escape a Headlock from a Larger Attacker on the Ground

Learn ground self-defense tips While it can seem impossible to escape a larger attacker who has you pinned to the ground, it’s not completely impossible. So, in this article we look at something precise such as how to escape a headlock from a larger attacker on the ground. That said, with the right self-defense technique, …

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food shortage

What If There’s no Food on the Shelves Tomorrow?

Food shortage, no more food on the shelves, here’s a solution These days, what most people in North America are worried about is terrorist attacks and natural disasters. But the fact is, there is a host of other dangers that are far less dramatic but just as deadly on a large scale. So, what it …

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