self defense drill on how to protect yourself from multiple attackers

Awareness Drill on How to Protect Yourself from Multiple Attackers

Self defense exercise for multiple attackers Being in a position where you are faced with multiple attackers is often a situation you want to avoid. So, to help you deal with that, here’s an awareness drill on how to protect yourself from multiple attackers. Already, odds are not in your favor since there is only …

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blue pepper spray

An Easy, Affordable and Reliable Self-Defense Tool

Learn to protect yourself with a unique self defense tool Firstly, I want to take the time to all of our readers and subscribers for your continuous support. In this article, you’ll discover an easy, affordable and reliable self-defense tool. If you are suddenly attacked in the street, there is but one concern: fighting back. …

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Learn to protect yourself against a street headlock

How to Defend Yourself Against a Street Headlock

Self defense skills for the streets In the streets anything can happen. This is why it’s good to know how to defend yourself against a street headlock. Being in a headlock position during a fight can seem like an impossible situation to get away from. However, with the right self-defense technique, you can find a …

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criminal convict

Criminals with Mental Illnesses

Are you afraid of dangerous looking criminals? There are some people that look scarier than others. Some criminals are just plain and simple, mean and dangerous while some others come at you with mental illnesses. That said, today’s clip is quite different, at least I hope that you will find it as educational as I …

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Learn how to control your breathing during a fight

How to Control Your Breathing during a Fight

A tactical advantage to win a street fight Having the right self-defense techniques and being able to defend yourself is very important during a fight. However, what good is it to know all the best self-defense practices if you’re unable to get your breathing under control? If you’re constantly out of breath and feel you …

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women defending herself

How Can You Prepare for Violence?

Learn to avoid, run from, or de-escalate a bad situation Have you ever been attacked or mugged? Are you worried when walking the streets alone at night? Have you ever taken self defense classes in the past? How can you prepare for violence? These are all important questions that you need to ask yourself. First …

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Learn self defense tips on how to deal with a crackhead

Self-Defense Tips for Dealing with a Crackhead

Crackheads can be very unpredictable You never know what they are thinking and how far off in their mind they are. Because of that, it’s important to learn self-defense tips for dealing with a crackhead. What’s worst is that because they are completely under the influence of drugs, it’s harder to get through to them …

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gsp training dvd

Discover a Strength and Endurance Home Training

Want to become strong, lean, muscular, fast, flexible and agile? You probably answer a big YES to this question. That’s because, we almost all want to achieve these results. And when you can learn from a top MMA fighter it makes it all even better. So, keep reading and get a boost of strength and …

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self defense against a larger attacker

How to Defend Yourself if a Big Guy Wants to Fight You

Self-defense against a larger attacker Chances are, it’s going to be difficult to defend yourself against a big guy who wants to fight you. They are bigger, taller and stronger then you. Naturally speaking, odds are not in your favor. However, with the right self-defense techniques, you might just be able to defend yourself. But …

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how to de-escalate

Here’s Why you Should Always De-Escalate the Fight

An important discussion about verbal defense In this article, we go over a crucial element of personal protection, which is verbal defense or verbal judo, like some others like to call it. You’ll quickly see why you should always de-escalate a fight. So, here’s a question for you: What is better: to fight and to …

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