knife defense stances

Different Knife Stances and Psychology

Powerful knife defense concepts There are many different stances you can take when it comes to defending yourself against a knife attack. So, in this article we’ll look at different knife defense stances and psychology. While many people often say that you need to be prepared to get cut if ever you come across an …

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security guards not helping

Do You Think Security Guards Will Save You?

A shocking video; security guards standby while someone in help In this article, you’ll see a sad video of a young girl getting a brutal beating right in front the eyes of 3 security guards, while they’re just standing there doing nothing. I hope you train for self defense and that you don’t think security …

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The reality of gun defense during a street fight

The Reality of Gun Defense During a Street Fight

Are you prepared for gun defense? If ever you come across an attacker who has a gun, you need to know some basic self-defense tools to protect yourself. That said, let’s look into the reality of gun defense during a street fight. Most videos found online that show you how to defend yourself against an …

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armed citizens

What If the Police Are Late?

Have you ever called 911 for your safety? If you’ve ever called 911 to come to your help because of an intruder, you know it can be a very stressful situation to be in. In many cases the Police can help. However, what if the Police are late? Are you physical and mentally prepared to …

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learn why you shouldn't rely on your phone during an attack

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Your Phone During an Attack

Calling the Police as a self defense tactic Phones are great for many things but using them to call the cops DURING an attack is not one of them! Let’s dive deeper on why you shouldn’t rely on your phone during an attack. Technology has done many positive things in the world, and the evolution …

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survival guide

An Ultimate Survival Guide

How much do you know about surviving emergencies? And I’m not talking about power outages… I mean full-on, “survive-or-die” kinds of situations that tend to occur when people least expect them. In this article, you’ll discover an ultimate survival guide. So, what’s your shot at going through a major cataclysm, war, nationwide civil disturbance or …

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Learn how to react if you get stabbed

What to Do in a Fight if you get Stabbed

Knife attacks are brutal This is a situation that you really don’t want to end up being in. However, it does happen, and you need to be prepared. So here’s what to do in a fight if you get stabbed. Firstly, if your attacker has a knife and you end up getting injured, you need …

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self defense grappling dummy

Grappling Dummy for MMA

The perfect grappling dummy for self defense As you know, there are a lot of fights that end up on the ground. That said, it’s important to practice your ground fighting skills for self defense. A good way to do that is by practicing your movements on the ground. So, here’s a review of a …

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learn self-defense tips for ground fighting

Self-Defense Tips for Ground Fighting

Be careful about hitting the ground in the streets The last thing you want to happen during a street fight is to end up on the ground. Especially if your opponent is bigger and stronger then you. So, here are self-defense tips for ground fighting. Chances are, he will use his weight and strength to …

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the gift of fear

Manage Fear for Self-Defense

An important topic of self defense In this article, we’ll cover a crucial element of personal protection which is: Fear. You’ll also learn how to manage your fear during a self-defense situation. Fear is your ally At least, that’s what neuroscientists and experts on violent behavior always tell us. I sincerely agree, but with a …

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