Learn how to react if you get stabbed

What to Do in a Fight if you get Stabbed

Knife attacks are brutal This is a situation that you really don’t want to end up being in. However, it does happen, and you need to be prepared. So here’s what to do in a fight if you get stabbed. Firstly, if your attacker has a knife and you end up getting injured, you need …

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Grappling Dummy for MMA

As you know, an integral part of your self-defense training involves practicing all the moves with an instructor or a partner. If you don’t apply the combat instructions regularly, you’re probably doing it wrong. It doesn’t matter how many hits, face-plants on the carpet or uncomfortable holds it takes to learn the movements, if it …

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learn self-defense tips for ground fighting

Self-Defense Tips for Ground Fighting

Be careful about hitting the ground in the streets The last thing you want to happen during a street fight is to end up on the ground. Especially if your opponent is bigger and stronger then you. So, here are self-defense tips for ground fighting. Chances are, he will use his weight and strength to …

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Manage Fear for Self-Defense

Fear Is Your Ally Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will be compensated if you click through and take action. This is to help support the blog and does not have any impact on our recommendations. Thanks for supporting Code Red Defense. At least, that’s …

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An Easy, Affordable and Reliable Self-Defense Tool

If you are suddenly attacked in the street, there is but one concern: fighting back. However, once you have forced the assailant to retreat by using your skills of self-defense, another problem comes into play: helping justice to run its course. After all, it is your civil duty to identify the perpetrator, everyone will be …

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Learn to protect yourself against a street headlock

How to Defend Yourself Against a Street Headlock

Self defense skills for the streets In the streets anything can happen. This is why it’s good to know how to defend yourself against a street headlock. Being in a headlock position during a fight can seem like an impossible situation to get away from. However, with the right self-defense technique, you can find a …

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Criminals with Mental Illnesses

Today’s clip is quite different, at least I hope that you will find it as educational as I have. Criminals may be very good at robbing and hurting, but when it comes to mental illness, it gets even worse. This guy is making a scary looking face and grunting signs of insanity during his trial …

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Learn how to control your breathing during a fight

How to Control Your Breathing during a Fight

A tactical advantage to win a street fight Having the right self-defense techniques and being able to defend yourself is very important during a fight. However, what good is it to know all the best self-defense practices if you’re unable to get your breathing under control? If you’re constantly out of breath and feel you …

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How Can You Prepare for Violence?

There’s a lot more to dealing with a life-threatening violent situation than most people think. There are prevention and prediction techniques that can help you avoid it. There is plain old self-defense that can help you survive it. At last, there are psychological and legal issues – the inevitable fallout of any violent event. Sure, …

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