how to defend yourself from a knife attack on the ground

How to Defend Yourself from a Knife Attack on the Ground

Knife attacks are extremely dangerous That is especially true when you’re on the ground with an opponent on top of you holding a knife. The chances of you being able to defeat him are feasible, but difficult. So, let’s dive deeper on how to defend yourself from a knife attack on the ground. With that …

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The Collapse of Society and How to Survive It

For many people, the idea that society and government might break down and cease to exist, at least as we know it, sounds like something straight out of a science fiction novel. After all, post-apocalypse is a common theme in fiction and media nowadays. But is it as unlikely as we think? We live in …

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Using MMA as a self-defense method

Using MMA as a Self-Defense Method

Is MMA useful for self defense? Mixed Martial Arts offers great fighting techniques. But the big question is the following: Is using MMA as a self-defense method any good? The short answer is: Yes. However, there are important differences that need to be addressed. Firstly, there are a lot of movements and techniques in MMA …

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A Vicious Animal Attack: What Would You Do?

Dogs are our friends… for the most part. But sometimes they do go feral and violent, and it is important for your safety that you know what to do. This Is NOT How You Do It! Such useless behavior as the woman was demonstrating can get people injured or killed. She should have kicked the …

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knife defense stances

Different Knife Stances and Psychology

Powerful knife defense concepts There are many different stances you can take when it comes to defending yourself against a knife attack. So, in this article we’ll look at different knife defense stances and psychology. While many people often say that you need to be prepared to get cut if ever you come across an …

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Do You Think Security Guards Will Save You?

Most people sincerely believe that hiding behind the back of someone in authority, such as a security guard, is going to help them. Today, I would like to show you a video that challenges this preconception. A girl named Aisha was assaulted and brutally beaten by a group of teenagers… while standing at a bus …

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The reality of gun defense during a street fight

The Reality of Gun Defense During a Street Fight

Are you prepared for gun defense? If ever you come across an attacker who has a gun, you need to know some basic self-defense tools to protect yourself. That said, let’s look into the reality of gun defense during a street fight. Most videos found online that show you how to defend yourself against an …

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What If the Police Are Late?

Today I have a somewhat disturbing video for you. It’s a recording of a 911 call made by a woman who survived a break-in and a violent attack from a stalker. Do you know how? ==> She Had a Gun – and the Guts to Use It! When this woman realized a guy was breaking …

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learn why you shouldn't rely on your phone during an attack

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Your Phone During an Attack

Calling the Police as a self defense tactic Phones are great for many things but using them to call the cops DURING an attack is not one of them! Let’s dive deeper on why you shouldn’t rely on your phone during an attack. Technology has done many positive things in the world, and the evolution …

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Survive Anything, Be Prepared for Everything

How much do you know about surviving emergencies? And I’m not talking about power outages… I mean full-on, “survive-or-die” kinds of situations that tend to occur when people least expect them. What’s your shot at going through a major cataclysm, war, nationwide civil disturbance or a terrorist attack and living to tell the tale? There’s …

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