best self-defense tips for ground fighting

Best Self-Defense Tips for Ground Fighting

The one place you want to avoid in a street fight The one situation you want to try and avoid at all costs is to fight on the ground with an opponent who is significantly larger than you. So without a further ado, here are the best self-defense tips for ground fighting. If ever you …

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Self defense tips on the ground & pound drill

Self Defense Tips on the Ground & Pound Drill

Learn ground fighting tips If ever you’re in a situation where you have an attacker who is on top of you and trying to hit you in the face, then the self defense tips on the ground and pound drill can come in handy. It’s important to know this ground defense technique as it can …

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Self defense against a headlock on the ground

How to Defend Yourself from a Headlock on the Ground

Ground fighting tips for self defense purposes Being in a headlock position is not easy. Especially if you happen to be on the ground. That said, let’s look at how to defend yourself from a headlock on the ground. Indeed, defending yourself from this position can be extremely tiring as you end up using most …

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A Bad Case of Road Rage

When someone tells you to “choose your battles carefully”, you should definitely take this advice to heart and follow it. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that you should avoid battles at all times, unless your life and health are clearly at stake! You never know, that short and skinny guy you …

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learn knife defense parrying and striking drill

Knife Defense Parrying and Striking Drill

Knife defense training is crucial for all students of self defense It’s critical to have a complete self defense training that includes exercises against an attacker holding a blade. In this article, we’ll demonstrate a knife defense parrying and striking drill. While some instructors in self-defense will say that the best method to defeat an …

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