fighting methods from larger attackers

Fighting Methods from Larger Attackers

Brainstorming for self-defense Learning self-defense is a great way to defend yourself if ever your faced with a bigger attacker. However, one thing that is often forgotten is to put yourself in the shoes of your attacker. So, let’s discover fighting methods used by larger attackers. Of course, you can learn how to block punches, …

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How to avoid Getting Punched in the Face by a Large Guy

Self defense concepts in a street fight When you’re faced with an attacker in a street fight, you’re bound to get punched. That said, it’s still good to know how to avoid getting punched in the face by a large guy. Since your attacker is most likely bigger and taller than you, chances are he …

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self defense trapping tips

Self-Defense Tips on How to Trap Your Opponent in a Street Fight

Trapping your opponent is a great self-defense mechanism When you’re defending yourself against an angry individual, you need to do what it takes to survive. If you’re facing a larger attacker, you might need to require trapping. So, get ready to learn self-defense tips on how to trap an opponent in a street fight. Indeed, …

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self defense improvised weapon tips

How to Use a Pen as an Improvised Weapon

Tips for when your life is in danger When you’re in a situation where you feel like your life is being threatened, you need to use whatever means necessary to protect yourself. With that being said, you can also use whatever tools you have nearby. This brings us to discuss on how to use a …

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learn self defense tips against multiple attackers

Self Defense Tips Against Multiple Attackers

Multiple attackers need to be taken seriously Defending against more than one opponent is a common thing in street fights. After all, many street fights occur with more than two people. Here are self defense tips against multiple attackers. If ever you are in a situation where you need to defend yourself against a gang …

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Learn knife defense against two attackers

Knife Defense Drill Against Two Attackers

The harsh reality of knife defense Knife attacks are already tricky situations on their own since they can end up being very dangerous. Moreover, add two attackers to the mix, then it can be even more complicated. To help you with that, here’s a knife defense drill against two attackers. Indeed, facing two individuals is …

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knife fight

Important Factors of a Knife Fight

Knife attack: one of the scariest situation to find yourself in A knife fight is obviously one of the worst situations you can be in during a fight. This is why we dedicate so much of our focus on teaching knife defense. That said, here are some important factors of a knife fight. The injury …

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learn the best self defense tips for being aware

Best Self Defense Tips for Being Aware

Personal protection tips that will help you during a fight During a street fight, many things can happen. For example, your opponent’s friend(s) could jump in and attack you. It’s important to be extremely alert during a fight. So, here are the best self defense tips for being aware during an altercation. That said, while …

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Learn ground fighting self-defense tips

Ground and Pound Self-Defense Tips

Life-saving ground self-defense tips Being on the ground with your back on the pavement is one of the last place you want to end up in a street fight. That said, let’s look at some ground and pound self-defense tips. Firstly, in case you don’t know, the ground and pound situation, is when you have …

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