learn how to fight back

The Importance of Fighting Back

The necessity of fighting back Sadly, too many people get attacked (for whatever reason), and do not fight back. These victims, usually end up beaten up pretty badly. If you don’t counter strike when attacked, you’re life is at stake. So, let’s look at the importance of fighting back. Firstly, when you’re attacked or even …

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Knife attacks in UK

Rising UK Stabbing Attacks

People being attacked with a knife in UK are increasing These are sad news reported from the UK. Indeed, facing a person coming at you with a blade is not something fun at all. In this article, we discuss the rising UK stabbing attacks and what you can do about it to protect yourself. The …

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self defense blog

Welcome to the Self Defense Blog!

True self-defense at your finger tips Hello and welcome to the Self Defense Blog. We’re so glad to see that you visited this page. It means that you are interested in learning how to protect yourself and your love ones. That is a fantastic thing. Learning self defense is such an incredible sense of accomplishment. …

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