self defense abs

Discover the Secret Behind Getting Abs like MMA Fighters

Get a strong body to protect yourself As a student of self defense and/or mixed martial arts, it’s a MUST to have a strong body from head to toe. In this article, you’ll discover the secret behind getting abs like MMA fighters. First off, a great way to becoming fit is to train the right …

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how to strike fast

How to Strike Fast

Learn how to stun an attacker with super rapid strikes! You probably know how important it is to finish a fight quickly…But, what about the importance of striking fast? So, in this article we’ll cover a lot of ground on how to strike fast. Indeed, the speed in which you strike your attacker can make …

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Self-Defense Awareness

Now This Is How You Handle a Conflict!

Sometimes, you can use words to change the situation You know, it always annoys me when people assert that teaching self-defense or martial arts is somehow equal to promoting violent behavior. It’s always recommended to avoid fighting if you can. That said, this is how you handle a conflict! However, oftentimes it’s people with in-depth …

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Red Panic Button Personal Alarm

A Handy Alarm for Your iPhone

Are you in distress? Do you feel threatened? Don’t panic! Just push the red button… A handy alarm for your iPhone. In a life-threatening situation the only person you can count on one hundred percent is yourself. But it doesn’t mean that you should blindly pursue complete self-reliance when there is a good chance that …

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store robbery

Brilliant Self Defense Reaction!

The opportunities when defending yourself Today, I want to talk to you about how important moments of opportunity can be when it comes to personal protection. Read on and see the brilliant self defense reaction from a store clerk! You don’t have to be a combat expert to survive an attack on the street, but …

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knife defense myths

How NOT to Defend Yourself Against a Knife

Learn from other people’s mistake Sometimes you can learn to do something right just by looking at all the innumerable ways it can be done wrong. One great example of this is knife defense. So without a further ado, let’s see how NOT to defend yourself against a knife. Indeed, this subject is plagued by …

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What Do You Know About Prison Life?

Are you prepared to fight a violent criminal? Fighting someone is already challenging enough. But what about fighting a hardcore criminal who has nothing to lose. So, what do you know about prison life? America’s prison population is swelling out of control. Instead of keeping law-abiding citizens safe, these facilities effectively become a training ground …

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reliable sparring partner

A Reliable Sparring Partner

If you don’t have a reliable sparring partner – don’t worry! In the same fashion as Chinese Wing Chun students make with wooden dummies (and achieve great results), you can use a piece of training equipment and your own body to ensure that your experience is no different from a real sparring session. As you …

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A Lesson in Defense from Mike Tyson

Powerful boxing tips for self defense If you want to know what flawless defense looks like, pay close attention because we will be discussing about a lesson in defense from none other than Mike Tyson! He may be a controversial figure, but his technique is impeccable – and a thrill to observe! If you want …

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fight analysis

Lucky Guy – His Attacker Stopped Fighting

Always be prepared to defend yourself So, before we go on with a fight analysis, you’ll see that as a common point of self defense, you should always fight back if attacked. The man in the video, is a lucky guy – his attacker stopped fighting. First off, when we think about being attacked, most …

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